American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


All I remember is I tipped Rams as an “outside” bet to win it. Gurley just fell off the face of the earth when he was needed most. Having said that, I’m sure I predicted a range of things that never came next to near happening!

One thing I know I didn’t predict is the Patriots winning the SB.



I think you’re being good to yourself with that rating :joy::joy:


I agree with you :worried:



Next stop


I think his post super bowl comments about his health might steer him in another direction.




Browns finally get themselves a top kicker!



So basically admitting they black balled him


Took the money and ran, lost the moral high ground now has Colin.


Has he though ? He’s basically got them to admit they were in the wrong despite all there previous denials. He’ll also put that money to some good uses


Confidentially/gag clause if he wanted to show them up he would have gone to court. It will be settlement without admission of any liability/wrong doing by league. Its a piss off payment and he took the money and ran. Long term message to NFL players if you want to get on in the league tow the party line. America is the land of free speach as long as you stick with convention.

If he was right or wrong he ended his own carear by leaving 49ers no other team was going to take him on as he would cost teams money/support with his views. Being a wife beater/dog fight organiser or drug user is an easier come back than protesting the US flag, mad country.


We dont know what the pay off was though could have been too good to refuse. Court hearings can spiril out of control and be appealed for years and since he was not coming back either way he may as well take as much as he can now.

NFL lost a preliminary hearing to dismiss the case so he will always be able to say he took em on and won and maybe avoid injuries and so on.


Ohh racist :open_mouth:


White knights of the…ehhhh whatehhva?


Prick cost me a shot at the big one :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have him in my main “keepers” league. Had to sit on him for the year.
Cant wait to see where he ends up. It’s amazing how young he still is, considering how much thread he has on the tyres.

Would love to see him land with an offensive minded coach like Shanahan in SF. He’d run amok.


Steelers cleaning house it appears with Brown out the gap too . Must be putting their faith in Juju & Conners ?