American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Can see you joined OK.


Fair play Tippdub. Just joined there.

@Unbelievable I’ll b happy to answer any questions that you have if I can. Couple of mates of mine started out the same way a few years ago and now they’re flying it.


Ok 8 of the 12 slots are filled in the League.
Myself, Unbelievable, Sam 11, Brogan, Counsel, Run DMC, Liamo & Something Witty.
All I have to say now is “Get yizzer last of the Rezzers League places”


How long are these drafts normally ?


Ok , just did a mock draft where basically i selected what the “experts” decided who would be the best choice so when we are done , will it look something like this


If its a 12 team draft with 15 rounds and all 12 players are online and not auto-drafting, it would take about an hour I think.
The delays occur if you have a few people offline and each pick they make takes 90 seconds.
One tip I would have is don’t draft a QB in the first 5 rounds or so. You need the early rounds to stock up on Running Backs and Wide Receivers as they are the main point getters.
Others may have a different view but I usually stick to that plan.
Also thats good advice from Sam_11 on the bye weeks.


Havent done a mock draft before but am going to do one later just to see if it mimics the real deal. How long did it take you?


I’m mid progress !!!
Round 8 atm


Are the picks being made quickly ie… 20-25 seconds or taking longer.
Also there is the option to flag/watch players before the draft begins so you can easily select them when its your turn to pick.
And Im sure you have already noted the players are ranked in order of value/importance so its not a huge shot in the dark to make a decent pick.


Theres usually some cheat sheets online for the bye weeks. It will basically tell you what combination of teams to avoid having main players on your team. It’s not the end of the world if you do get caught out on a bye week so don’t worry too much for your first time playing.


Yeah the selections were quick enough .
It took about an hour .I just picked the top rated guys & then who was available . Twas grand as its just a mock draft . I’ll know better the next time but heres how i fared .

Granted i mostly picked guys who i know :joy:


I’d give you a C + for that maybe B - :joy:


The RB , TE & WR options are players im not too high on knowing about so ill have to read up on that . I hadn’t a clue of a few guys i picked .
But i know the NE players , Green Bay , etc .

Im not sure either how you should best select the bench .


Laughed at that reply. 1st time doing the draft and all happy with myself the D grade brought me down to earth.


Chris Hogan in the 2nd and Rodger’s in the third is very pricey.

Is Hogan’s ADP in round 2 ??


I was blaguarding to be honest .
There was no thought process behind it. As i said , i just picked guys i knew & alot of guys i didn’t . I chose what was available to me each round .
As suggested I’ll pick more RBs & WRs earlier & leave a QB til about the 4th or 5th round .
It was only a mock draft , i might try another one tonight for the craic !


Some people leave QB (me) until like round 9 or later. Very few guarenteed elite qbs in fantasy that warrant a top 5 pick.


Agree. Rodgers is probably the exception in recent times. There’s great value in the later rounds for steady QBs. I had Carson Palmer one year and cleaned up with him for about 6 weeks straight. He went Undrafted in our 12 man league and I took him off the waiver to fill in for Staffords bye week.


So you swap out players from your bench if your starting guy has a bye week ?


Yeah come to think of it Rd 5 is a tad early.
2 of the drafts I did last year QBs started going in the 5th & 6th rounds.
Most likely down to novices but once 1 or 2 went the rest followed.