American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Wasnt there a fly over at one of the AI a few years ago ?


Think that was for the final in '17. There was a flyover I think for one of the College american football games a few years back where the sonic boom blew out some windows in Finglas or somewhere.


The military thing is totally beyond me, the last thing I want to do when I see an Irish soldier in uniform is cheer/cream myself. having said that we are not a warmonger nation. I rem reading since 1776 there was only 1 year where America was not officially at war with someone.


The Americans and British have a hard on for their military, well, the brits pretend to but the tories keep slashing their budget. Just look at the poppy fascism these days.


About time !


Thought we weren’t gonna get one


Seems those little dinks over the top almost always work?


Ohhhhhh, this could be the game if the Pat’s make hay .


Wtf was he doing?


LA defence/ST need to make a big play now


That’s that. That was crap.


That should be it !


What an awful game, I watch NFL every week it’s on this SB isn’t going to help my attempt to convert people


And he missed it :joy:


Rams were a big disappointment. Patriots ruled out all season . Incredible.


Rams were poor but an awful lot of that was down to NE. Brady and Belichek are masters.



Watched every Superbowl since 1986. That was the worst by far. Felt like watching two Ulster teams in an All Ireland final (sorry Daller). Terrible showcase for the sport.


Just a reminder , seen it on my time line , Edelman was suspended for the first 4 games for using PEDs. Crazy how things turn out :upside_down_face:


At least he didn’t put his hand on a ref.