American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Rams QB has played this game before?


And the Americans say soccer is low scoring and boring??

Good luck to all the remainers - hope the 2nd half picks up for ye.

I’m off … :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Didnt maroon 5 do that really, really annoying TV ad for the world cup.last year


Yup thats them all right. Jesus that was awful.


Never been a fan of this , but jesus this is hard going .stop, start ,stop…


HF usally finishes me but rams are “my” team. Desperate stuff so far but the gig is worse.


Some stadium


Maroon 5 are beyond desperate. To think there are people who think the gaa should be more open to this type of razzmatazz shite.


Cheaper than a childrens hospital too.


Switched over , when’s the second half expected to start ?


Is that what they’re called? Music industry is fooked


They are no Jedward that is for sure.

The Rams must be delighted to be only 3 points down. Although you can’t help but feel that having to spend so much time on the field is eventually going to catch up with their defence.


Just like the offences my bets tonight havent gotten going. Either D/ST to score the 1st TD is still alive though.


Running the ball is a good idea.


I love Super Bowl (the Game) but find the rest of it nauseating. I also like the pre match talk/preview etc.

It goes downhill/completely tits up once it gets into “America the great” then some fuckwit appears trying to make a name/re-invent themselves with their version on the national anthem, the big cheer during the national anthem when the soldiers appear on screen in a country they shouldn’t be anywhere near. then it always goes to the “fly by” I always assume the planes on the “fly by” are heading off to some place (usually near oil) to give them democracy shortly followed by a shit load of drive through McDonalds.


Rams QB didn’t find his balls in the dressing room at half time.


Edelman having some game.


Geoff is 5 for 15 attempts. Giving them one more drive.


That’s more like it.


Hear what you’re saying @Black_and_White, it is totally alien to us, mind you rugby is going that way a bit with flame throwers and all that bollocks.