American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Hope to fùck the Rams win


Who’s yer wan singing the star spangled?



Well, she gave me the pips!


Left the room for the anthem as Yanks usually make an absolute balls of singing it, Whitney Houston excepted.


It was Gladys, hence the pips comment!


Ah here. Gladys Knight was amazing tonight IMO. Still has it at 74 years of age


Didnt listen to it, am still scarred from Boys to Men singing it earlier on in the year.
Went on a beer run. The ones singing the other song were brutal.



Fùck you Tommy :grin::grin::fu:


One of my favourite ever cartoons


First time a FG has been missed in that stadium.:open_mouth:


Poor first quarter tbh. Doubt I’ll get to ht. Gaelic Football is in a healthy place …


Gareth Southgate giving his opinion on bbc 1 .


Tight defensive game this but equally as enjoyable for me as if it was score after score after score.


Did he say “this is boring as fcuk”?


So what does he think about BBC1 then? I’d say he’s very critical about their Brexit coverage.


Funnily enough no. They asked him about coaching input in a soccer match ? Why who fuckin knows . Super Bowl , the match is almost the least important thing .


He loves the beeb.( you smartarse :joy:. Is it not past your bedtime)


Rams lucky there isn’t more between them.


I’ll be gone in 3:57.

Hard to get enthused. Liked Edelman though … looks like an extra from Deliverance … could end up MVP … in a 3-0 win!


Pats to TD ahead of ht