American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019




If and it obviously wasn’t called, it had been called he would have been better off giving up the TD and left time on the clock. He was lucky on two fronts


“Tainted” , I suppose you can get away with this when your writing a piece from your teams perspective :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Saints should of had them dead and buried I thought.

Always leave yourself open to poor decisions etc when you don’t put a game to bed !

People say they’re bored of Patriots in the S’Bowl, personally I’m not.

Winning a S’Bowl without beating the Patriots is like Dublins AI last year only beating Monaghan & Tyrone, no Mayo or Kerry


Always felt the Rams just weren’t going away . It was a huge call in fairness . Guess well never know.


In most cases you can say a game will turn out differently but you know in that situation that the Rams couldn’t stop the clock and the saints could run the clock down and kick a chip shot field goal as time expired



You will be glad to know CBS have the coverage of the Superbowl this year so we can look forward to Tony Romo telling everyone what going to occur on the big plays before they happen.


Love Romo calling the games!


Really adds something special to it, his calling on the Pats OT drive was out of this world good.


I remember reading an interview with one of his team mates at Dallas. Can’t recall who it was but they basically said that Romo was some sort of intellectual genius, the smartest man in the room. Also that he was freakishly talented no matter what he put his hand to, other sports like pool, golf and even baseball. He had his many critics as a player but personally I always rated him. He clearly has an unbelievable mind for the game


It takes something special to make it as undrafted QB, he’s a bit like Brady in that he wasn’t the most physically gifted but had the mind and drive for it, pity he wasn’t able to stay healthy


Fairly sure Romo is + handicap golfer.

A feat in itself.




Getting close now , what’s the call ?


Patriots by 2 scores minimum.


Tony Romo said its going to finish 28-24. Didnt say what team though.
My longshot bet of the night is Develin, Gurley & White to score TD’s. Got that at 66-1.
Patriots to win exactly as Rochey said too.


Malkovich with another promo :joy: