American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Been a crazy night. KC returning the kickoff for a TD would cap it all off at this stage.


Pats need to kick this dead, can’t risk that


Some game, ot a fair outcome .


Absolutely astonishing stuff, both games, and this one topping the previous. 3am lads, hope none of yis driving the red-eye bus or flying that Ryanair 05.45!! :scream:


Don’t know what ye are listening to , but Tony Romo has been very good , and very good for all the games I’ve listened to


Grave yard shift Al , day off work tomorrow :pray:


Was going to post the same. He knows what hes talking about and adds to the commentary.


I know people like to shit on him on his football career, but he has an outstanding read of the game .


Proved it right there with the Edelman catch


Just amazing, you can never count out these fuckers


game of the year for me, pity Mahomes never got a chance in OT


Shame , would have been a lot of fun watching him in the final.


Didn’t say it earlier, but that catch earlier by Gronk was brilliant. I was sure it was going to be intercepted , the way it hung in the air.


Redemption may be for Brady after last year .
Time to make things right .


wouldn’t say he has much to redeem from last year, threw for 500 yards in a super bowl, that loss was on the D, which looks a lot better this year


Ah , not knocking his stats , but it left a sting .
They can make up for it now .


Not an anti-Patriots comment here but I think the game ending if the 1st OT drive results in a TD is unfair.
Other team should be given 1 drive to reply or its game over.


Oh yeah, it is shocking that the likely MVP didn’t even get a chance to win it.

The coin decides all in OT


Baby steps…the old rule was even more egregious…at least you have to get a TD now.

Cant wait for the SB now…should be a cracker.


Fucking Patriots :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: