American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Refs blowing another big call it seems


From the replays, looked like it didn’t touch him. (For me anyway)


Yeah , when they blew up the replay . Jesus , crazy night altogether :triumph:


Refereeing has been very shocking in the NFL for a while.

The game is already slow enough, most calls should be reviewed.




Patriots blessed there.


Crazy sequence of plays there.


This is insane .


it all evens out in the end :joy:




Wasn’t a great throw from Brady tbf, need to be a good bit lower, but thats how it goes.


Well well


I think the chiefs have this now, no way the pats can eat up all that clock


I’d agree , errors all over the gaff here . Could be another big call yet .


that was shocking, same thing happened to Mahomes in first half


Patriots look shook . Could be game over if they turn this over .


another big call coming up now. I think its a catch but who knows with these refs. Like tossing a coin each time


I like the Pats , but I think the SB would be better for the neutral if the Chiefs get through .


I’d like to see Reid win one, god knows he deserves it


I mean , Pats Rams , whose the worst villain in that match up. The build up will be brutal.