American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


All to play for now with Gurley TD


Was gonna say that Gurley bet was looking unlikely as he wasnt getting much game time but its very much alive now.
Im thanking Gurley too as my small bet on both teams to score a FG & TD in each half survives too.


Thought it was dead in the water myself. He looked rattled after given up that INT and as you said wasn’t featuring at all. Looking good now. I managed to convinced a few of the lads im watching the game with to go in on it so if it comes in the beer will be flowing right into the AFC conference decider


The €3 I have on the 10-1 shot is small beer compared to yours I hope.
Have €5 on a 40-1 three Def/ST touchdowns over the 2 games bet too.


Hard to separate these two . Sneaky feeling Rams might win this.


Have a feeling a big defensive/ST play could be key at this stage. Big drive coming up now for the Saints.


What a catch


Refs bottling a big call there


I know ■■■■ all about this game but Is the rams qb brutal or what .


Some pressure to nail that kick


Refs after making up for that call there :see_no_evil: Good to see it happens in all sports







Incredible stuff, I’m about a minute behind on the stream . There will be a lot of chatter about that non PI call . Finally a kicker didn’t make a bollix of it .


Balls of Steel


Zuerlein like a rock there, a Dean Rock.


Wow, the officials are going to get it in the neck all week for that missed call.

Still the chance of a Rams V Chiefs rematch is definitely whetting the appetite.


That was an outrageous call lads


Mahomes is off the scale .With that , has 3 sacks .Patriots look stable . Chiefs didn’t punish Brady for the interception . Big half for Mahomes ahead .


Holy shit , crazy almost TD for Kansas . Touch off Edelman after the kick.