American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


So far. So good. Pat’s throwing in a few wrinkles on offence. Long way to go yet.


Possibly a rout on the cards. Didn’t see this one coming. Patriots answering a lot of critics here



Eagles flying. 0-14


NO are rattled .


Eagles f***ed now. Two big defensive linemen are goosed. Great start, injuries killing us though.


Goosed altogether. Hit the skids after the 1st 1/4 and a stupid flag for sledging. Been at that all year. Muppets!


Huge turnover . Luck had to run out at some stage .


It looked ominous there Foles driving downfield to get the lead but the injuries, bad luck eventually caught up with them.
Championship games hopefully will be crackers.


Gutted. Injuries tipped the balance, overall just ran out of luck.


Well , who’s it gonna be today.
Tough call between Rams & NO.
Patriots Chiefs could be a free for all .


Pity that the patriots game is on so late


Just noticed that now , be a late night alright.


NO and Kansas for me.


This is so Gronk :joy:



Rams & Patriots to win but hoping its a Saints Chiefs Superbowl.


Rams Pats for me

My flutter for the evening is Gurley 2 or more TDS at 10/3. Enjoy the games lads


I was looking for that exact bet in a boylesports shop earlier but no joy. I just have a gut feeling that the Rams are gonna rush in a few TDs tonight.


-20 celcius in kansas. Is that before or after wind chill? That has to have some kind of effect on players in such a stop start game. Not sure how used the chiefs are to that kind of weather but pats used to snow definitely. In such a tight game might be a defining factor


Rams fairly contained atm, badly needed that td. Hearing reports of complaints about the noise in the stadium , trying to block out Goff hearing McVays play calls .