American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Great player. Chiefs have been absolutely outstanding in the 4th down a lot tonight.


Colts defender there doing the chicken dance and they are 24-7 down. Clown.
After seeing the snow earlier its a pity we havent had a repeat of that Eagles Lions game a few years back.


First leg of the bet in easy, coyboys +7.5 next, can’t believe I’ll be shouting for Dallas, but hey, money talks…



He’s unbeleivable


Rams looking scary good here.
Their new stadium looks the business too. Same plan would look sweet out at Parnell Park seeing as money is no object.


Cowboys really struggling here. Got done by two outrageously poor calls but just not getting anything going on either side of the ball. 23-7 at the moment but looks to be all but over at this early stage of the 3rd. Famous last words?


I have them to win it out at 12-1 from week 4 or something. Should have got them at a bigger price too. What I seen of gurley last year convinced me that if he repeats anything near that form this season they’ll be hard stopped. They’re a very complete team with Goff improving a lot this year too.


Dallas right back in it, been a great game


My two predictions were Saints to win it all Bears to make the playoffs. Did I bet on it though, did I f**k.
Rams have impressed me tonight though. Imagine a Rams-Chiefs Superbowl after whats happened this season already.


Thought the scoreline didn’t reflect the game ( Dallas well in it ). I must have been watching a different game. But it’ll be a struggle now .


Eh, No


Get a stop here , td & 2 point conversion.
Big ask , but it’s the playoffs :man_shrugging:


That’s it . Some quality games lined up after this !


Half a point, half a bloody point… even when they lose they can’t do it properly for me sigh f*** the Coybows :frowning::frowning:


Just took them too long to get going. Hate them handicap bets for that reason, the half a point. It’s got me a few times.

On to tonight. I think the chargers are a bad match up for the Pats. I also felt when looking at the post schedule that this game had the least to offer from a neutral standpoint entertainment wise. Having said that the colts game was a dud and last nights game didn’t throw up too many surprises so we could be in for a classic! Unlikely. Really looking forward to seeing how these games play out later


Weird feeling about this Patriots Chargers game .
Weather could have a big impact . Could be Gronks last game too.
Interesting side note too.


Cannot wait to see what the Patriots have up their sleeve tonight.

Roster wise the Chargers are comfortably better


Pats looking very commanding so far .


Big Bad Bill really showing his genius so far, incredible headcoach