American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Is the league going ahead?

@Unbelievable Playing fantasy is probably the best way to widen your knowledge of the NFL in general. Its so addictive I find that It’s a nightmare where you can’t relax and watch your fav team alone at the weekends you will be monitoring everyone in your roster and every game they’re involved in. Don’t say you weren’t warned :laughing:


Think someone said they are setting up , one of the more knowledgeable nfl enthusists here !


I’ll join in if someone sets it up👍🏼


Oh if someone starts one up I’m in.


If it’s not started by Monday I’ll set one up, won’t get a chance the weekend. We will have to agree on a draft date and time too


How exactly does this work ? Can we not select the same players if we want or something ??


No, if I have Tom Brady you can’t have him, it’s not like fantasy premier league where you have a budget to spend on the team. We will pick by draft, you normally pick a QB, 2xRB, 2xWR, 1xTE, 1 x Flex and 1 x Def. That’s just an example it’s up to the league admin to select what positions are in the rosters, the example above is the simplest in my view. The flex position can be a WR or RB or TE. You have a bench too and must pick your starting team based on the schedule etc. you must also be careful not to select too many players on a bye week at the same time.


Ah OK , so basically who ever is quickest off the draw gets the best players :joy:


Well there’s a draft order, the order is selected at random, (or the admin picks the order) Let’s say you go first, you can pick the highest rated fantasy player all for yourself, the order then moves down through everyone else and back up through everyone else. For example if there’s 10 of us in the league, the 10th pick will pick twice and it moves back up to you one by one. You would want to choose wisely if your 1st/2nd/3rd pick as a lot of players will be off the board before you pick again.


I suspected earlier but this post confirms it, you my friend, are taking the piss!!


Eh ? I genuinely don’t have a clue how it works , hence why i was asking all the questions .


I will set up a League on Sunday, try not to make a balls of it and let yiz know the code etc. Then the hard part agreeing a draft date & time.


6:30 am on a Sunday morning when I’m finished work thanks :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::joy:


Theres a 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning!

OK, I have set a League up on its limited to a max of 12 teams however. Given same should I PM the interested parties the League Code.
Once we have the 12 teams we can decide on a draft date/time. I have set a draft date/time for Wed 29 August at 9.30PM but this can be changed.


Lads , i wont waste a spot here in the league .
Ill leave it to those who know what they are doing !


Could well need you to make up the number!


Let me know if ye are short if that’s the case & maybe someone could give me a few pointers through pm .


You wont be wasting a spot so join up. If you start watching games on Redzone as Run DMC said having an FFL team makes it all the better.


OK , I’ll do a bit reading over it the next couple of weeks . I’ll still be watching the Redzone anyway !


OK , i think im setup .I downloaded the app & joined there as well .