American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


What are the handicaps … must be all pretty close 1.5 spreads bar the eagles V saints which is maybe 4.5 ??


Colts @ Chiefs -5.5
Cowboys @ Rams - 7
Chargers @ Patriots -4
Eagles @ Saints - 8


Close enough with your guesses! :zipper_mouth_face:


I’d take the Chargers with the points here for sure…

The Pats will win a last score the winner game…as per


Be surprised if the games turn out to be that wide. COlts are the form team with 10 wins in 11 and Luck getting protection finally as QB with their D standing up also.
Cowboys D also in great form and with Elliott and Cooper could get close but I reckon Rams are favs to win the SB.
If Brady wasn’t with Patriots the handicap would be the opposite way. They just are not the force of old with Gronk the perfect example and I fancy chargers to upset if they get a good start.
Saints I think could win with a bit to spare but eagles are somehow managing to get results so you just never know.


Saints at home will beat them handy , i know the eagles are coming good at the right time , but they have rode their luck the last two weeks


Especially if its in the snow @ Foxborough


Total points in this is 57…that’s high for an NFL game (esp a playoff game), but I am all over it.
Both teams to put up 30 I reckon.


Colts @ Chiefs +5.5
Cowboys @ Rams - 7
Chargers @ Patriots -4 “weather dependent”
Eagles @ Saints + 8

This how I’ll be losing my money this weekend !


Chargers away record is excellent. Only lost once away from home (in week 1 v the Chiefs.). Thats impressive.


Would you say it has anything to do with the fact they don’t have any fans so home and away feel pretty much the same in terms of support?


Thats being mooted alright. Every game is an away game

Brady (41) v Rivers (37). Battle of the aul lads. I cannot wait to see this match up.


While I’m at it…the under (49 pts) in the Cowboys-Rams is like free money!!!
That’s the bet of the week :football::money_mouth_face:


The playoffs remind me of the six nations rugby in a way. You can throw the form book out the window. Its down to what happens on the day and a lot can happen on the day. i.e.Chicago missing a routine game winning kick, a horrible call from the refs, a crazy pick 6/recovery (like the ravens nearly had v the chargers on sunday). etc

Thats why I wont be betting a big amount this weekend. Theres no need to have a bet on the Chiefs game as that should be a cracker, same goes for the Saints and Chargers games. The Dallas-LA game really could go either way


Sometimes I feel like I say this every year but I feel this is one of the most exciting open post seasons of recent years


Really feels like anyone can win it



That’s good


Chiefs are playing really good so far


Mahomes is a wizard .