American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019



Ah I didnt see that thanks. Went straight to bed once the kick was missed.


Who is to blame when a kick is blocked? I presume its the blockers as the kickers generally have a very repetitive kicking style?


Just a good play by the Eagles special team, don’t think the blockers could do much more. Maybe the kick could have been angled higher, maybe he aimed to far to one side etc… Any number of reasons.

Feel sorry for the poor guy, he scored half of their points but has gotten slated for missing that kick. Reminds me of Blair Walsh for the Vikings a few years ago, scored all of their points but missed the “game winner”


was that the one from 30 yards or less?


Blair Walsh? Yeah I think so. Granted he should have scored it really, but not right that he got the blame for the loss, Vikings offence (like the bears last night) had enough opportunity to win that game.

There was also one moment of Wilson magic that game that I will never forgot. That should have been near game over.


How is that the Patriots have home game advantage even though the Chargers have a better record ??


Patriots won their division, Chargers were a wild card.


Weird system alright.


You’ll get used to it :wink:


Its similar to how the Provincial winners go straight into the AI Quarter Final if ya think about it.


I was more thinking in how the playoffs are determined in the nba . How different it is . It’s usually the team with the better record who has the advantage.


La teams dont play well in the snow apparently…


Remember Billy Cundiff for the Ravens against the Pats? I was delighted but quickly felt for the poor guy. He was hounded for the whole of the offseason. He was labeled as the man who stopped Ray Lewis getting his second ring and hall of fame ballot an all that other crap. It was an awful miss but he didn’t deserve a fraction of the hounding he got. Anyway ray got his second ring the year after I think it was and all was forgotten.

American sports, for team games, are really set up to find the hero and the villain when a game goes into a melting pot. So many scenarios where it all comes down to one play. Careers are made and broke from them. Bill Buckner of the red Sox springs to mind as an MLB example. Other sports of course can have these situations but none as often as the traditional US ones.


Didn’t seem to bother C.O C. :joy:
They love an auld scape goat in the states . Nice & handy to blame someone, throw in the huge salaries they are on and forget about the 100 or other plays that might have affected the outcome too.


Some result in NCAA Champ game last night.

Clemson (2) destroyed Alabama (1)

Bama 5.5 spread fav’s

Clemson had 3 redzone stops - they were phenomenal.


Not everyday you see Saban have his arse handed to him like that



Colts @ Chiefs
Cowboys @ Rams
Chargers @ Patriots
Eagles @ Saints

Gonna go for the teams in Bold. All intruiging match-ups again.

Wouldnt be surprised if i got 0/4 there.


Writing off the Patriots at your peril !