American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Think home advantage will be huge for Dallas! I predict it will be COMFORTABLE for Dallas. (watch them get obliterated now)


Horrific injury for Allen Hurns , glad I switched the channel before it happened :face_vomiting:


Some game , Prescot delivered big time with Elliot & Cooper .


What does that mean, The Cowboys?


" But most young fans don’t know the story of how the Cowboys earned that nickname. It was not a Cowboys player or executive who came up with it, but rather, NFL Films. The full story was explained on 5 Points Blue , but as NFL Films editor-in-chief was writing copy for a video on the Cowboys, he noticed that many of their fans found their way to road games. He coined the term “America’s Team” in the voiceover for that video."


Interesting. I presume by “found their way to road games” he means ‘went to away games’.


And also implying they had fans outside of Texas, all over America. It’s used as much to mock them as anything else these days.

Dallas and the Colts winning is great from a neutral point of view I think. I love wildcard weekend but it’s always the sign that we are approaching 7 months without NFL :tired_face:


Cracking game, nothing easily got and some great plays and carries.


Some finish to the Ravens game . Damage was already done heading into the 4th but Jackson made it somewhat respectable . But a shit end to the game for him.



I was saying it to a friend of mine before tonight that the chargers are a bad matchup for the Pats. He didn’t think they’d get past Baltimore but the chargers are a very hard team to beat. They’ve had a few slip ups in Reg season but on their day I think they could potentially beat the Pats. I hope I am wrong and New England can get back some of the early season form and put them away in the early stages and grind it out. Interesting match up awaits


Eagles fucking up strong defensive play by stupid flags, 2 x 4th downs turned to 1st downs by stupidity!

Bears defense coming strong now. Anybody’s game at the half mind you! #FlyEaglesFly


Not to mention the fumble and recovery by the ref.


Bears fan here, am a bit worried.
The defense are going to have to do the scoring here as the offense are stinking the place out. Need to run the ball more.


This Turbisky lad aint half bad . Probably put the hex on him now.


Wow what an ending


Jesus, whod be a kicker :confused:
Upright & crossbar


FFS sickening way to go out. Fair play to the Eagles though. Ironic the Bears beating the Vikings last week kept the Eagles alive.


The silence at the end of the Bear game was deafining.

Some miss considering he stroked home the iced kick juts a minute beforehand.