American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Home and dry now fair play :+1:t2:


Antonio Brown - Outstanding.
As for the FFL fair play for going 12-2. The playoff games can be a bit of a Lottery with injuries & suspensions which hit you today.


Big turnover there, Steelers could seal it with a TD.Annnnd they can’t make a first down.


Fumble by Smith for the Steelers right at the death . Was setup for a field goal attempt . Think Pittsburgh have to rely on the Browns next week to make the playoffs


That was a great Sunday of football.

The fooking Eagles :nauseated_face:


Just on Pittsburg, what were they like with Bell , Brown and Smith last year ? That must have been some offence last year . Or have the others shined this year because of Bells absence this year ?




Any meaningful games this evening ?


Colts va Titans. Winner is in the playoff,losers are out.


Eagles make it through :eagle:


Da Bears defence await. Theres gonna be feathers strewn all over the place next week if Foles isn’t fit.
Hoping this game on now is entertaining.


Foles has a rib injury. Here’s to a lot of meds in the mean time!!!



Wild Card weekend next up

Colts @ Texans

Seahawks @ Cowboys

Chargers @ Ravens

Eagles @ Bears

The handicap is minimal in all of the games. I would not be one bit surprised if the underdog won every game.

I’ll go for the 4 teams in bold to progress.

Just watched the Browns v Ravens highlights now. The browns were very very unlucky not to win that one.


Some finish . And you had the Steelers staying in the stadium watching it til the end . Mayfield has silenced some of his critics this season.


Mayfield is bloody great to watch. Love watching the Browns games. Anything is liable to happen


I’m happy for the lad . They said he wouldn’t make it and he proved them wrong . Considering their record the last couple of years , it has been a fairly successful season .


Steelers offence has been great the last couple of years but I wouldn’t say there is much difference between them this year and last year. Bell’s absence only effected Connor IMO, JuJu stepped up but he had shown the ability to shine last year.


It was great as well this year probably until Connor got injured. Went from locks to the postseason and possible bye to out


Handy enough win for the Colts . Americas team up next . Will Dallas get that elusive playoff win :thinking: