American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


It’s very open this year. I think the nfc goes trough New Orleans myself. The AFC is looking like the weaker conference but potentially the more exciting post season. Personally I’d love to see the bears in a SB


Might too early for the Chiefs , but there’s something very special about Mahomes . One things for sure , the patriots are finished unless some of their major guys have a dramatic change in form .Gronkowski looks ready for the knackers yard .


Just on the chiefs - Hunt is a massive loss. Their dual threat back field with Mahomes and Hunt looked phenomenal, without Hunt they’re somewhat predictable, although Mahomes is forever unpredictable and has that touch of special about him.

NFC - Saints, Rams & Bears
AFC - Chargers, Chiefs & maybe Texans

It’s wide open, and it’s great! A superbowl without the god’ang Patriots will be great!


Think it’ll be a Rams Chargers SB


I think the Bears will beat the Rams if they meet them in the postseason. They can get pressure on Goff and he hasn’t shown the ability as of yet to handle it well. Detroit and Greenbay had similar success without picking up a win.

I do think the Saints will win out the NFC though especially if they get top seed and play in the Dome. No one will fancy having to go north to Chicago in wintery conditions so top seed for the Saints is a must

Chargers are very balanced on both sides of the ball and in the run and pass. I would have fancied the Chiefs over them but not now without Hunt. Pats and Steelers limping over the line at this point but Steelers might pick it up again if Connor gets healthy again.


Yea apparently the 49ers and Bears both offered the same but the Raiders figured the Bears first round picks would be higher. This was before Garoppolo got injured!


John Gordon gone from the Patriots for the rest of the season. Serious loss especially as an option for the deep threat


I had to read that a few times…


Deep lungs…


apparently as part of his latest issue if he even failed a breathalyzer for alcohol he got banned again.




Would be worse if it was his brother Josh!!

Big blow to an already shaky offense. Might see more of Coradelle Patterson now, already had me baffled why he doesnt see more plays. He has bundles of talent.


Cordarelle Paterson and my mate went to the same college in the states. He tried to chat up said mates girlfriend in their time there.

Patterson went on to play in the NFL and my mate plays for Bluebell United !

Think she made the right choice, Bluebell are flying this year


Big injury in Dallas, game stopped & player stretchered off :confused:


I messed up in the fantasy final, never checked back in on time to check on a player and he’s inactive. Didn’t change my IR RB either :man_facepalming:t2:


That’s a pisser. My lads picked a fine week end not to show up :frowning:


You may still win it yet.


Just checked back in and I’m getting lucky with some players putting up unusually high numbers. Plenty of time left for ur lads to start making progress


Major shithousery :joy:


I think Howard and Kamara with the TDs there may just see me safe.