American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Love wild card weekend!


2020 NFL Draft will take place in Las Vegas … What a great idea having a load of 20-23 year olds running around Vegas after signing massive contracts!!! What could go wrong … Que, the Hangover 4!!!


Queue the amounts of “#metoo” allegations that will surface.


Another exciting game last night .Some sublime moments from Mahomes . Chargers steal it in the dieing seconds with a 2 point conversion.



Steelers kicker could be getting his p45 at the end of the season…


Look set to be beaten in fantasy as it stands. I started an inactive player :man_facepalming:t2:


The patriots are very average


Big win for the Steelers .


Unreal, another upset on the cards too possibly.


Must agree pats look very very average this year.

Who are the outside chances now for wildcard slot. Any hope for the Panthers


Can’t see there being any hope for Panthers. They’ve lost 5 on the hop and will probably lose to the Saints tonight too…

Teams are getting warm at the right and could do well in playoffs; Bears and Chargers!


I like the Bears as a value bet at the moment 12/1.


The Eagles may still make the wild card spot? I thought they were gone!


Its gonna be a Bears - Chargers Superbowl. You heard it here first.


Ooh would have saints or rams ahead of bears yet


That’s a bold prediction .


The heart is ruling the head with the Bears pick but its great to see some old school Defence dominating games and shutting down the high scoring every now and then.


Mack has been a fantastic acquisition for the Bears.


Mack has brought them to a whole new level. Supposedly the Raiders traded him thinking the Bears would have the usual losing season and the Raiders would pick up a high 1st round draft pick.
The Bears this year are a bit like the Broncos a few years back when they beat the Panthers. Broncos offense werent great but the defense shut the opposition down.