American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Bad defeat for the Bears but no damage done if the Vikings lose too.


Fired this evening


Kansas are gas . Their defence must be awful but the offence put up big scores . Anyone reckon Mahomes has a shout for MVP ?


Two sets of brothers facing off against each other between the Steelers & Rams .
Watt brothers facing off as well as Pouncey brothers . J j Watt playing for the Texans , some sporting family .Three brothers currently active in the league .


:joy:, field goal retaken 3 times for the Chargers to beat the Steelers .
Sickening if your a Steelers fan


the first one looked a close call. 2nd one was miles offside. Throwing away a 16 point lead will hurt more especially when a potential interception ended up as a touchdown


McCarthy sacked after loss to Cardinals last night - that result had to be final straw!


I’m not nearly as knowledgeable as others here on nfl, but is that not a pretty harsh way to treat someone? Why not wait till the end of the season in a few weeks time to let him go? It’s too late for someone else to turn things around this year so I don’t see the advantage of sacking him this weekend over waiting a couple of weeks.


They probably want to get the jump on other teams and have a larger pool of prospective coaches to choose from?


Turn things around in what way? They cant make the play-offs after that result last night.

There is an interim coach in place now, perhaps they feel if they can get in a new coach before end of season, he can then see what he has to work with before having to draft in April!


That’s my point, it is too late in the season for the change to make a difference. You could kind of understand it if it was earlier in the season and they felt a change could help them reach the post season, but I don’t really see what difference waiting 4 weeks to let him go is going to make.


As also stated, perhaps it’s to give a new coach some time to see what he is working with before draft in April.


He lost the locker room apparently. And rumours of him & Rodgers not getting on .



There was a shocking missed call for the first td as well. A blatant false start by about a second


Yeah , the officiating last night was highly questionable.
They did a bit on Rivers too , he has 9 kids :exploding_head:



He must be a busy buck in the off-season - they must be walking out at this stage! :no_mouth:


What’s the beef between the Cowboys & Philadelphia?. Looks like the pick of games this weekend.


Long standing rivalry. The hatred in Philly to them is palpable on match day. Like an old Dubs V Meath game, or in the other sport, Gunners V Spurs.