American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Packers are done and so is McCarthy I think.


Its been shocking that McCarthy has been around as long as he has, if hes not sacked by the end of this season they may as well trade rodgers they wont win anything with MM at the helm


Wrong thread? Mick McCarthy around a good while alright and they defo won’t win anything - Brendan Rodgers would be interesting alright.


With a bit of luck McCarthy will be gone - still trying to get my head around the 4th & 2 punt call against the Seahawks two weeks back.

One NFC Champ, leading to a Superbowl win - all he has to his name, since 2006!


Has Rodgers got it in him to have the longevity of Brady . It’s a poor enough return , and him turning 35.Maybe the injuries hurt his chances of more success. Suppose the same could be said of Brees but he has been consistently good .


Rodgers can only do so much - play off record, bar superbowl year left a lot to be desired. The one year defence stood up was the year the Superbowl was won. They’ve been mediocre year in year out since.

2014 was another year in which we blew a shot at a SuperBowl - 19-7 up with under 3 minutes left in Seattle in NFC Champ game and end up losing after going to OT after tying 22-22; yes we conceded two TD’s in under 3 minutes and kicked a field goal in that time. A calamitous onside kick in which Brandon Bostick missed the ball and it bounced off his helmet and into the arms of a Seahawk, and the rest was history! Bostick was literally cut the next day!


he never should have tried to catch that ball either. His job was purely to block and he decided to be a hero. Similar to Montgomery this year who tried to be a hero against the Rams and was cut the next day as well

Was it the year before where the Seahawks were awarded a dubious touchdown on a hail mary against the Packers as well?


That was early 2012 season, was just a regular season match - iirc some guy had done “Parlay” (accumulator) bet on all NFL games that week, and that absolutely scandalous call won him in excess of $700k


That’s the story there!


Ha , this is class . Pay back is a bitch .
Heard of this Largent guy off a Twitter account I’m following .

Another clip here


You got him @Sam_11 ?


I do indeed. Serves him right though!


Wonder will Kansas make a move for Le’veon Bell now.


Can they sign him this season ?


No not this season as far as I know as Bell isnt a free agent.


Apart from the fantasy impact, it is a massive loss to Kansas in terms of their hopes in the post season. People will be ruling them out as genuine contenders following this


I think KCs defence was always going to prevent them winning it out but this surely ends their hopes.
In saying that I went to the Fantasy waiver list earlier typed in Spencer Ware to only find some b****x had beaten me to it. :grin:


:joy: the benefits of a 1 year old having me up at the crack of dawn. First dibs on the waiver


Giants win , stop the Bears on a 4th down in OT.
Mini resurgence on , won 3 of last 4.


Vikings doing a good job on the Patriots .