American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


53 + points between Mahomes & Kelcie in FF .
I could murder Bell at this stage :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nostradamus here :joy:


That score :open_mouth:



That is what the NFL want when they tweek the rules to make it a passing league. Ton of yards and points, interrupted by the occasional splash play on Def…pure entertainment! Class


Hill wasn’t bad I suppose :rofl:


Highest Scoring MNF in history. 3rd most points in an NFL Game. 1st time ever two teams scored 50+ in a game.

Saints look like the most likely winners imo as they can operate on defence more effectively than other two - the old adage of “Defence wins Championships” is going out the window this year.


Not bad for one of my mid round picks.
Hes gotten me out of dodgy situations a few times now.
Cracking game that but as RubDub said it only makes me believe if the Saints can stay injury free they look good bets to win it out.


On that… If they both end up on 15-1 seasons… Do the Saints get home advantage in NFC on head to head victory?


As the Rams and Saints have played each other I think head to head applies if they go 15-1.


Well that wasn’t half bad !Just looking at the mini highlights, looks like Mahommes had a few chances to wrap up the game .Hell learn from that though .


Cooper coming up big tonight ! Looks well worth the 1st round pick now

NFC East is criminally poor this year so Coopers influence could actually get them to the playoffs


Had him on my bench in another league :tired_face:


Nice fake field goal from the Stellers there for the TD.Looks like Denver havnt been the same since Peyton retired .


Incredible TD from Smith - Schuster , 97 yards


Not a bad game this. Keenam doesn’t inspire confidence though.


Oh that’s terrible from Big Ben .


Schuster - Smith comes up with the goods for me this weekend . But been honest , I don’t think @something_witty bothered looking at his team this week :grin:


yeh sorry lads, haven’t checked my team in a good few weeks! :joy:


So , are the Packers done ?


The Packers run in isnt the hardest except for the @Bears fixture but I would be amazed if they got a playoff spot. They havent won a road game either so far and really they need to win all their remaining games.
The NFC North will goto the Bears (Hopefully) or Vikings.