American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Pretty much , I’ve only scraped a few wins because the opposition had off days .


My offer wouldn’t of been a big help in the long run, Dalvin Cook has done nothing! Either has Jameison Crowder


Would have better than zero points :joy:




Half time can’t come quick enough for the Eagles .


Neither can full time

The injuries and hangover are killing us!


This will probably kick off the Kaepernick debate again .


Eagles onto a hiding here.





Largest defeat by a defending SB team .
All is not well in Philly.


Bonjolloxed. I’d say.


Considering I have a few siblings living there and I’ve seen them a couple of times… yes, “us”!



Big one tonight with Chiefs & Rams .
Predictions ?


I’ve backed Chiefs +4, think it’ll be 3 points one way or another

Should be an absolute cracker


Rams to win with Defence or Special teams with the key score.
Im hoping Tyreek Hill has a BIG night for my FFL hopes too.


Gas , does Gruden have his own show . He’s interviewing Pat Mahomes .
Wonder was this before he got the Raiders job.


He used to have a qb corner show in advance of the draft alright


That was one of the best games in years. Riveting stuff. I don’t believe either team will win the Superbowl though.