American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


second TD was an interception - newton was about to get sacked in the end zone - threw it and that was that.

3 TD in first 1/4.


Connor potential concussion may help Bell out


Unlikely - Conner has a long week now to recover, slight chance he will miss next week… Be surprised if Bell will sign and start within that week! He’s burned a lot of bridges!

I have him in fantasy, I am not bullish at all that he will play at all this season!


he was in a training camp in Miami so chance are he is fairly close to fitness


Were they out of breath?


Yep - but I still don’t see his level of fitness outweighing the fact that he hasn’t signed a contract, JC may have concussion (Jaylen Samuels is a solid back up) and the bridges he’s burned this year!

I’m in pessimistic mood with him being a fantasy bust for me for 9 weeks now… I think that will stretch out another few weeks unfortunately!


I have Bell a long time in a “keepers” league as my star player…Its killing me!

He was live tweeting during the game last night (getting his teammates back on side…) and there have been some reports out of the ROoneys that they expect to have dialogue in the coming week…#hope


I feel your pain…




Feel bad for Dez, very few sports you get so openly ridiculed all the time. There will be alot of tasteless classless mocking of his injury following this


So if Bell doesn’t show up & sign by tomorrow he’s gone for the season . And according to reports that’s the most likely outcome .
Bad loss for the Patriots yesterday .
The Rams & NO roll on , that would be a nice pairing for the SB.


Unfortunately they can’t meet in the superbowl as they are in the same conference.

Steelers and Chiefs looking strong in the AFC


That’s a shame , so they can meet on the way ?


Yeah, Conference Championship (or Semi final :wink:)


Careful now :wink:


Chiefs and Pats on one side, saints and rams the other would be the punters choice right now I’d say.


One of the things i love about NFL. SEATTLE are 4-5 but would never confidently bet against them.

Miami are 5-5 and would happily bet against them every week


Twitter detectives have noticed Leveon Bell has changed his bio to "All Pro NFL Running Back "


Official now , I should have taken that trade earlier in the season


That was brutal luck on your part. I’d say your one of hundreds of thousands in the same bracket.