American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


6th round pick, 199th overall. There is a documentary called the Brady 6 which tells the story of what happened to the 6 QBs that were drafted before him. Yes, 6 teams in need of a QB that year passed on Brady.

Crazy to think now but it ties into the natural ability thing mentioned previous. His numbers and the college he went to, Michigan state, together with his combine scores did not tell the story of what was to unfold.

EDIT: University of Michigan that should read.


That would have been the reason though why he slipped down the pecking order ?
As you say , nobody can predict how someone will turn out . The scouting reports are usually correct so there was no indication that he would have been as good as he turned out . The stars certainly aligned for him .


Lads , how has Josh Rosen & Arizona been doing this year . I’m tempted to stick with Mahomes this week as they face the Cardinals .


Stick with mahomes regardless of opposition. They will score points for fun


Cheers !


That was some game between the Rams and NOrleans.


problem is Hunt has been a beast and a lot of the scores they rack up are from the RBs which don’t gain the QB points. He is still consistently getting mid 20’s which is impressive considering.


Hunt has 7 rushing TDs to 6 receiving. When you include Kelce and Hill and Sammy Watkins as 4th option, they will rack up big scores most weeks.


Has been unreal in the fantasy football, saved my bacon on a few occasions.


yes as I said mahones is still producing big numbers and a ratio of approx. 1 rushing to 3 throwing TDs testifies to that but if hunt wasn’t as productive he would score more heavily as his options to throw to are so strong with Watkins Hill Kelce Conley … Nice option to have on the team.


Whos gonna win the Superbowl?

Rams,Saints, Chiefs or Patriots?

The above 4 should be facing off in the Championship games.

Chiefs at home to the Patriots I reckon and youd have to fancy the Chiefs at home.

Judging by their schedules I’d fancy the Rams to get the number 1 seed and face the Saints in LA.


I asked before about the Chiefs & was told they had a brutal defence . I’ve liked the look of the Saints , Brees is a fantastic QB.


I reckon the Pats will finish top seed. I think the Chiefs have a slightly tougher run in and might end up on the same record with the Pats holding the tie break. Pats to win at home then for me.

Rams vs Saints and I will go for whoever ends up at home.


Wonder how Dez will get in on in New Orleans. Fascinating signing, so much so I picked him up off the waiver!


Eagles hangover too much?


Have a listen to this

And then listen to Bayless & his interpretation of what Belichiek was saying

Bizarre to say the least


Steelers hammer the Panthers :neutral_face:
Just when I put their defence into the fantasy football line-up.


Watched the first half - Steelers looked good , Panters scored a TD from first drive.


Steelers came back and scored 2 TD’s in about 15 secs total of game time.

I wonder how the Steelers will handle Bell presumably signing the tag going forward for the rest of the season


Hed wanna get the finger out . Watched some stuff about it & they reckon he won’t be game ready so might need a few games to get back to what he was .