American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Rams in a bit of bother here , costly turnover just before ht and N O get a touch down out of it .


I think they have only faced each other once before and given they are probably the top two QB’s of the current era its a big deal.
The '72 Dolphins will be ordering the champagne for the Saints if they keep doing what they are doing to the Rams tonight.
After a shaky opening game from the Saints they have been superb since.


Hows that possible ? I’ve no idea how the fixtures are worked out each year mind you .


Rams right back in this , tied at 35.


As both teams are in seperate conferences it reduces the chances of them facing each other.
Like some what goes on in the NFL the scheduling of games is complicated too.


Yeah , just saw a bit on Red zone where they aren’t scheduled to play each other for 4 years after tonight .


Big play from Brees


Class that by Brees & Thomas. Good for my Fantasy score too.


Wtf was that with the phone :joy:


Gronk out for Patriots tonight , that’s good for me too.


Its been done before. They are obviously running out of ideas for stupid celebrations.


Rams pick up their first loss of the season .
Looks like N O limited Gurley, worst fantasy score of the season so far .
I think i might just steal a win tonight , can’t believe it .


A team has 16 fixtures in a season - a team will play its own divisional teams twice (6 games); a full other same conference division (4) this alternates each year; a full out of conference division (4), again alternates each year and then two more games against conference opponents on a rota basis.
Below will paint a picture better from a Packers perspective for this seasons fixtures.

6 games - NFC North rivals; Lions, Vikings and Bears x2
4 games - NFC West division; Rams, Cards, 49ers and Seahawks
4 games - AFC East division; Pats, Dolphins, Jets and Bills
2 games - Falcons & Redskins - both NFC teams, I think these are just rota based, and they change each year with methodology, which I am yet to fully understand.

That is my understanding on it - hope it helps!


Bit chaotic alright !


That’s it, so the 4 games v an AFC division will come back around to AFC east (Pats division) in 4 years hence the “They won’t meet again for 4 years”

To be honest the whole Brady V Rogers build up was a load of BS. They’ve never met in a SB, they are not rivals at all. Headlines today saying TB won the “battle of the number 12s” when they both put up similar numbers and of the Pats 4 TDs, 3 were rushing and the passing one was all about Josh Gordon. How they view that as Brady beating Rodgers is silly. I get that the Patriots won, but it goes no way to settle the debate on who the better player is. For me it is TB but none of it based on last nights game.


Read alot were people put Bradys success down to Belichieck . Like swap Rodgers with Brady & see how many he would have won . I cant admit to know how good each is but from what I’ve seen Rodgers is technically a better QB . All opinions of course .Brady just had a better team around him & a better coach . Probably all bollix anyway .


Looking through Cheese tinted glasses, Rodgers is the better technical QB, Brady has a better coach and system in which to play in!


It’s a debate which cannot be solved.

If you compare them in terms of pure natural ability, Rodgers wins hands down (arm strength, mobility, playmaking)…however, some argue that Rodgers ability to do the ridiculous, leads to him playing “off-schedule”…which can be to his detriment (and that of his team) at times…he leaves easy open throws out there.

Brady will execute what is designed and required on a given play/drive better than any QB in history…and the Ring’s the Thing…and that is why he is the GOAT (coming from a 25 year packer fan, who’s favorite player to watch ever, is Rodgers).

We’d never know how many Rodgers would have won with BB, perhaps BB would not tolerate the freelancing…


Brady has probably had a far more consistent and better defence as well behind him.

2 different QBs in that Rodgers can do what no other QB can with some of his off the cuff plays but Brady is similar to Manning (Peyton) in that he will dissect and pick apart what a defence gives him better than anyone

If I had to pick to start a new franchise and both players were in their late 20’s I would pick Rodgers personally


I could be wrong on this but wasn’t Brady like a second or third round pick who got his opportunity when Drew Bledsoe got injured ?

Edit : round 6 , 199