American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Listened to 3 of these yesterday . Excellent stuff .
The father comes across as an absolute monster & had a huge influence on how the kids turned out .The amount of dodgy stuff going on at Florida doesn’t paint them in a good picture from the recruitment point of view to how they dealt with criminal charges & unruly students .
Hernandez was seriously unhinged too with contributions from former team mates at the Patriots detailing this . When ya finish listening it comes as no surprise that events turned out like they did .


Was it urban Meyer in charge of florida at the time? Seems to be a bit of a pattern of looking the other way with him (and others in other programs)


It was indeed .


Yea he definitely wasn’t the full shilling, even before the hits. The aul lad definitely had a lot to do with it, weather he can be blamed on his son did in later life is debateable but he definitely contributed. It’s quite dark what Hernandez had to grow up with and what he had to hide from his father, can’t have been an easy life. His brother is quoted as saying Hernandez felt uncontrollable guilt ever since the day his dad passed. Strange considering he played no part whatsoever in it but it’s an insight to the estranged father/son relationship. He never felt good enough in his fathers eyes.


I read this awhile back , very good article about his brother .

The father appeared to be homophobic so I wonder if the recent stuff about Hernandez’s sexuality played a part in that guilt , a secret he had for a long time . Maybe that was the source of never been good enough for his father .



Bank Holiday tomorrow and the Saints on the box. If Carlsberg made Sunday nights this is just about perfect.
Great start to this game.


What was Montgomery thinking for the Packers trying to run the ball out at the end???


Great old day out in Wembley yesterday - some craic but there’s an awful lot of militaristic jingoisim nonsense attached to it. Didnt help it was nearly November. Some crowd of Eagles fans over - Lets Fly Birds


The big question, did you stand for god save the queen? :laughing:


Took the knee for both


I snatched a victory last night, going into the pats game 19 pts down and having the Pats D to play for my team. They scored 20, people been Locked up for less


I lost by .5 last night, 2nd time this year by less than 1. Missed PAT from Vikings kicker did me in this time and a stat correction the first.


Gronk is a constant disappointment for me in my leagues. I just cant understand what has happened that he is no longer worth a look for TD passes or even passes in general from TB



Minutes silence for the Oakland Raiders please. What are they doing with that organization


Ten year deal for gruden to top it all off.


Potential for two crackers tonight .
NO Rams & GB Patriots .
Rodgers v Brady , hope it lives up to the billing.


Its actually a shame now this isnt the Bank Holiday weekend.
Unless GB and NE make it to the Superbowl this could be the last Brady Rodgers faceoff.


Is that why they were making a big deal of it all week ?