American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


5 College Football games to be played in Lansdowne between 2020 and 2024. Notre Dame v Navy will be the first game up in 2020 with the other 4 games to be announced later


I wonder what’s stopping them securing an NFL game or two?


Be a while before we see one in Dublin. If they go elsewhere in Europe anytime soon it’s likely to be Germany


Our best chance would have been when Dan Rooney was here…


Gentleman. Exceptional book too.

The James Harrison saga didn’t do him any favours but for the most part he gave so much to the sport.


Ze Germans are next up id say, NFL is huge in Denmark as well


Closest we’ll probably get to one is another pre season game. Steelers and Bears played each other in Croker about 20 years ago


London have that locked down


1997 Bears v Steelers.

I’ve been to London twice now; only way I’d go again is if the Packers (team I follow), were to play there. The atmosphere is just not there, and for the cash ya drop on it, I’ve kinda ticked the box on it now… I know the games are slow, but it seems in the London games, with the poor atmosphere and what seems way more advertisement, the games drag on.

I’d love to get to the States, soak up the tailgating and watch it amongst the “hometown” fans!

Don’t think were close to getting a regular season game here, although we’re laying down a nice marker with the college games taking place here. I don’t think the games will go further than London within Europe.

Roll on the Aer Lingus Classics x5!


Wembley is a poor stadium atmosphere wise - been there for a few spurs games. Then throw in the fact you have 80/90% neutrals in the stadium , its not going to be electric.


Interesting point about the atmosphere, whenever you hear the US podcasts etc talking about the London games they rave about the atmosphere (singing songs etc etc). I think we are used to a particular type of atmosphere in stadiums (be it GAA or Soccer) and the yanks just “consume” their sport differently…its a slow burner with less of a constant fervor about it

I was at 5 of the first 6 London games and stopped going, as you say, the value just isn’t there for the cost (I’d rather sit in my jocks watching Redzone…this is another big problem the NFL has in general)…

I haven’t gone to a game in the US yet either and its defo a bucket list thing. I am looking at the next Ryder Cup (Whistling Straights) and Lambeau Field double header in Sept 2020…I’m hopeful that the scheduling gods are good to me, or I might have to go watch “Da Bears”…:roll_eyes:


I think those statements are connected … :wink:




Music to the sponsors ears - “anyone not at it is missing out” job!


Done about 4 of the London games too at this stage. Loved the first one and then after that they all felt like the same thing over and over again. Don’t think I’d bother going unless the pats were there again.

I was blessed to get a game in at candlestick park in its final season. Did the tailgating too, group of tipp lads looked after us. It’s an amazing set up. These lads had a pickup truck with all the bells and whistles on it. A barbeque and ice box slid out from the back full of burgers, steaks and beer. Weather was on form and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Great atmosphere.

We were steaming going into the game. Really enjoyed it but what I remember afterwards was when I asked the tipp lads “Right, where’s the best place for the session after the game?” They laughed and said this isnt Croker. Not many fans live close enough to the stadium and the lad whose turn it was to drive certainly won’t stay out. Everyone goes home and gets themselves ready for work the next day. They were right too, the city was dead and there was very few 9ers fans in their jersey hanging around any of the bars. We ended up gate crashing a wedding that night but sure that’s for another day!


Reminds me somewhat of my experience after the Aussie Rules final a few weeks ago. Though I’m sure there’s some hardcore local fans bars where people party on, game was on a Saturday too, proper order


Well , this is something …


Is anyone else baffled by the Cowboys move for Cooper? Such a disapointment of a player

Their desperate for a WR, surely worth bringing Dez back at least he knows the scheme

Very little difference between Dez and Cooper


Mad move, and for a first rounder aswell. They must really think they can get something out of him. Raiders are in pure rebuild mode anyway.


Yea it’s a weird one too. But Cooper did show a lot of promise when he first arrived so obviously Dallas see something in him. Worth picking up off the waiver in fantasy?