American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Just watched GB SF highlights .
Aaron Rodgers , poetry in motion. He might not have the rings like Brady but he must be one of the best of all time .


You’d wonder how many he’d have if belicheck was his coach


He is the most naturally gifted QB I have ever seen, when you assess arm talent, accuracy, pocket awareness, ability to scramble etc…He’s certainly the most complete QB.

There is no doubt that if he had BB, or even one of these young innovative types, like McVay as his coach, he’d have a pile more rings. Or if GB hired a Def Coordinator the likes of Wade Philips…

You could also argue that he’d have more rings if he stayed healthy. His style of play has lead to him taking more hits and generally being more banged up than a Brady or a Manning type. Perhaps he should reign in some of the magic and play more “on schedule”, but again, that takes better play design etc, which GB has not had in recent years. They tend to just line up and try to beat you 1on1 based on the fact that AR is back there.


I see Wasps rugby player, Christian Wade, has given up playing rugby to try and get a career in the NFL. He’s not the biggest but is very, very quick and elusive. He could well make a decent running back.


Jarred Hayne, a rugby league player tried it as well without much success. There’s a giant of a player on the Eagles, Jordan Mailata, who’s on the offensive line who seems to be making decent strides this year especially as he’d never seen NFL until last year


F*###*g Eagles. 17-0 up and concede 3 TD’s in a row. Now Losing. Dancing at the start of the 4th 1/4 too… Will take some kick in the balls to take the chips off their shoulders. A 48 yard penalty now by Panthers… Mental game.


More late drama for the Browns .


Ravens kicker misses the extra point to tie the game . He’d made 200 + consecutive extra point kicks up to that one :neutral_face:


Can Newton was having a poor game and then just came to life. Mental game alright.

Said it before they’ll have to cast the net wider kicking this year has been horrendous.


after the failed last second FG attempt by the cowboys it surprisingly leaves the redskins looking healthy on top of the division




@TippDub beating me by .06 of a point :laughing:


Bout time someone did !!


Thats a sickener really. When I saw you had 2 Inactives I thought I had a great chance.
.06 points comes to 1.5 passing yards, or .6 rushing or receiving yards.


If i have to fly over to Pittsburgh myself & sort out this shit storm with Bell , i will !
He’s single handedly sunk my battleship :rage:


It was my own fault I’m up to me eyes in another league and took my eye off the ball this week. I checked in Wednesday and meant to sort out those two positions and completely forgot. Lesson learnt!


I took the opportuinity to take risks with my RB’s. Very nearly backfired.
At least I’ve saved you the stress of planning the perfect season :wink:


Anybody here into their podcasts, I highly recommend listening to the latest one from the Boston Globe. It’s a 6 part documentary podcast called Gladiator on former Pats TE Aaron Hernandez. Take some a closer look at his life and how a man that seemed to have everything threw it al away. 3 episodes out so far and it’s fascinating


he had a funny life from an article I read before. Seemed like a decent enough egg in school and was very close to his family etc. multiple concussions and brain damage turned him it led the reader to believe .
Will defo have a bash at this to see if any different


Yep definitely a connection to head injuries etc… but there is so much more to it. His family life when he was a child was turbulent to say the least. He had a lot of mental health issues before the head injuries that is explained in the podcast. I don’t want to give too much away so have a listen and let me know what you think. As a pats fan I had looked into it alot myself but there was so much I didn’t know. It’s actually a really sad story about a man who appeared to have everything but was crying out for help.