American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Been a bad season for some , that’s for sure !


Lads , Big game sunday . Patriots Chiefs .
I’ve got Mahommes & Brady , who should i pick .
Dire straits here at the moment in the league until Bell returns .


Brady on form last week, mahomes threw his first interceptions last week, easy one for me Brady is a machine when he gets offense going.


Brady…the Pats Off will eat and drink that KC Def.

With Edelman back and the array or RB’s they’ll mince them on the intermediate dink and dunk stuff.
Which will open up the odd deep ball up the seem to Gronk or a lob ball for Gordon.

The over/under on points in this one is 60 with PP…not sure I’ve ever seen one that high!! Could be the game of the season.


I was lumping on until i seen 60 earlier on!

You can get Pats -3.5 @ evens, very appealing


Excellent , cheers lads !


You were poxed with Bell. Id have taken him first myself if I could have, nothing worse!


Took Fournette first pick myself in a ten team league. Its ruined me and theres feck all on the waiver wire.


Absolute disaster ! And Edelman been suspended for the first 4 games i think gave me ■■■■ all chance each week too . I might be able to recover for the second half of the season if Bell comes back / gets traded .


Eagles pummeled the Giants away last night. Wentz back to his best. Look like they’ve recovered some of last years form again hopefully!


I took Dez Bryant in the hope hed find a team early in the season but nobody has giving him the shout yet. I have edelman too. He will have the odd monster week but by their nature, the Pats are a very frustrating team fantasy wise. They tend to share out the workload rather than one go to guy.

@Counsel I pounced for Yeldon as soon as Fournette went down, a lad in my other league that had Fournette went for Yeldon too and was snapping I got him before him due to waiver priority. Thems are the breaks and Im not one bit sorry :slight_smile:


I couldn’t believe Saquon fell to me at 6 in the Resser draft.
I probably had him at 2 behind Gurley (don’t trust Zeke). Only because Gurley has a better
Off (and coach).
Some of the plays he made last night were on anther level!! He could be one of the greats
#hyperbole…I know


Hes a very exciting prospect. I had Gurley last year and he won the fantasy league for me. Hes a Jamaal Charles type specialist at carrying the ball. He could well end up leading the Rams to the SB.


Just watching a college game , how come some of them are ridiculousy high scoring . Like a 45-48 , is defense non existant in college ?


Probably a lot easier to create mismatches across the pitch as not everyone will be to such a standard


Had a nice little earner Sunday night. A €1.25 bet on an any time touchdown scorer accumulator returned €102.
Ekeler, Kupp, Thielen and Arizona D were the picks.
It adds to the Redzone enjoyment too.
As for the Fantasy Leagues its Brady all the way this week over Mahomes for me.
Doesnt matter anyway Bears are goin all the way this year. :wink:


Which team in the Resser league is a bot ?


Mine at the moment. Nah Its the KOTF.


Some game here Patriots Chiefs . Looked like NE would pull away but some errors & great play from Mahommes got them back in it.
Think there was a 97 yard punt return for Kansas , outstanding.
Game on , tied 40-40 :eyes:


Patriots win it with a FG in closing seconds
Quality game !