American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


After seeing what Mahomes has done so far the Bears must be regretting drafting Trubisky ahead of him (and Watson). With the defense and running game the Bears have they would be a contender with a decent qb. Still early days but he doesn’t look like a franchise qb


I agree…
The best Trubisky can be, from what I’ve seen to date, is an Alex Smith type game manager, who can make the odd play with his legs to keep drives going but will ultimately fall short of getting over the hump. To win with a guy like that you need a top of the range run game and a top 5 Def (they might have this when Mack is fully indoctrinated).


Whats the cut off point when making changes in your lineup . Cobb of GB is rated as questionable atm but id rather have him in the team .


Right up until kickoff


bears run in huge score and Howard gets pretty much zip and likewise with Gronk and the pats… ;(


Giants season over again, that offensive line has ruined any potential they had



Eli … nuff said.

OBJ must be pulling his hair out




it will be interesting to see just how they integrate him back into the fold. Or is that the final week he can be traded?


Yeah i think it might be something to do with the trade .


Thank god i was second in the draft i would have taken him first over todd Gurley :smiley:


Good game last night. Some atmosphere in that stadium!


I’ve been paying for that all season :sob:


I need this guy & Bell to ressurect my season


Based on the last two games, this Pats offense is as good as any they’ve had in the past decade. The options now with Edelman back and the signing of Gordon make it a real force to be reckoned with. White, Hogan and Michel doing a lot of the heavy lifting and then Gronk, Gordon and Edelman are waiting in the long grass. You also have the apparent resurrection of the enigma that is Coradelle Patterson taking place in the background. If he reaches even part of the potential he had coming out of college then the Pats are onto a real winner with him.
The O line have answered a lot of the questions asked of them too. RBs finding holes everywhere and Brady rolling back the years and having an eternity on the ball.

Although it is early days and tougher tests remain.


Is the pats defence not a bit suspect putting up big scores but conversing a bit too.


It is, and that’s their Achilles heel at the moment. Offense doing enough though to cover them. Pats have a habit of doing this although it remains to be seen the effects of losing Patricia


Wow :eyes:


Reckon NFL teams are going to have to recruit GAA lads as kickers a good few including Mason Crosby for the Packers having an absolute mare.


Vikings just had a mare kick from 28 yards too!