American Football League (NFL) 2018/2019


Agree - the whole thing is such a fine balance that once you become one dimensional or show a specific weakness you are toast! Teams will just key in on it.

Was it the Cowboys last year (who have arguably the best O Line in football) who had to sub in a RT and he gave up something like 6 sacks in a half. Think it was against the Bucs.
Or Eric Flowers for the Giants every week…:joy:


That was insane, that sub RT gave up 6 1/2 sacks to Claybourne from the falcons and was cut a week later.

How Dak stayed alive in that game was amazing


Picked up Pat McHolmes in the waivers .
Very tempted to drop Brady :sweat_smile:


I would, but i’m 0-2 so never listen to me


Yeah noticed that. :angry:
Wouldnt be dropping Brady just yet with Gordon having arrived & Edelman to return.


Im waiting on Edelman to return from suspension.And that other elephant in the room Bell . I might actually win a week with these two back .


With the 8 team league there are still some good players available to bring into your team.
Wouldnt be panicking just yet. Do you have Garoppolo as well? 3 QBs on a team is 1 too many. Having 2 in an 8 team league is probably pushing it too.
Am off tomorrow so taking the opportuinity to watch the game later.
Will be just my luck if it will ends up a field goal fest.


Browns win a game, great to see.

Fans have suffered too long


Not a bad game after a poor start. All changed when Mayfield came on.
Will the Browns go on a bit of a run now I wonder?


i don’t think they will despite playing so well against Steelers & Saints, they’re still a bit of a mess


Yeah , i might trade him . See if there are any decent Rb or wr to pick up some points .


They have a way to go alright, but at least now they have talent (baker, Landry, Garrett, ward, Njoku). That’s a big change from the dumpster fire drafts they’ve had previously.
The amount of 1st rounders they wasted is criminal. Manzel, Weeden, Mingo, Richardson, Coleman, Gilbert…


Opinions on Matt Patricias start in Detroit ?
Im tempted to throw Pat Mahomes into the starting lineup & drop Brady for the craic but maybe the Patriots answer last weeks loss with a beatdown . Belichiek coming up against his former ward . Should be an interesting game .



Well that settles it :sweat_smile:, is that an app or website ?


Just google " should is start X Or Y" and the first result is always that :+1:


Looks like Jimmy G might have a bad injury , suspected ACL . Rotton luck for him . I know he’s getting paid a Kings ransom but had an opportunity this season to make a name for himself .
Oh , and thanks Brees , just ruined my matchup :unamused:


Eagles 2 from 3 with both wins being one play away from defeats. Sign of champions, or a hangover of last year?


Hangover from last year I reckon. If the chiefs had a defence they’d be strong favourites this year.


Mayfield now officially the starting QB for the Browns .