Allianz Hurling League (NHL1B) 2018


Wexford giving Galway a right game in Wexford Park. But crowd in by the looks of it. Wexford lead by 2 nearly half time.


Enjoyable tussle this, two physical teams. Wexford lead 1-15 to 0-16


Wexford matching Galway physically


What was the red card for ?

Commentators didn’t know either


No idea.

Someone needs to buy Tg4 some cameras where the contrast works a bit better.


Davy is some genius … fair play. I wonder will they get to interview him.


Great intensity in it


Ha. It was enjoyable stuff all the same. Fair play to Wexford, they were well up for that and matched Galway toe to toe.


Davy has no problem winning leagues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wouldn’t mind having that problem


I’d want more than that for the money he’s on.


Like him or loathe him he has made massive strides with that team - massive.


The state of those grown men jostling to be on tv behind Davy being interviewed. Gobschites.


I can’t actually tell if you are taking the piss or being serious. I blame the trump thread. :joy:


It could have been worse for the Strawberries, they could have appointed a football man!!


Have you seen the price of strawberries now on road to Wexford since he was appointed!!!


I was down in Enniscorthy during the week and Davy walked across the Slaney and into the Riverside Park for his lunch.


Biq question is whether Davy can maintain this intensity with players over coming months.


Wexford hurling supporters are the ultimate definition of sing while you’re winning. When it all goes pear shaped, it will be back to square one.


To be fair they are hugely improved on where they were. They were a shambles under our friend Mr Dunne by the time he finished with them. Have also managed to bring a couple of very good underage players through.

They may win the league but don’t see them doing any more than that. They will be v competitive though through the Summer. Think we’d take that at this point!1