Allianz Hurling League (NHL1B) 2018


For sure. All the talking up of Limerick might ease off though. Don’t look anywhere near as good as over last month or so. Their touch is well off today.


One thing they may now have that killed them in 00’s was ability to get a goal…they had a good team 1-11 but never had an eddie Brennan, Eoin kelly , a lar or whatever to get the vital goal…


Think they’re a bit flakey. A bit of expectation on them today & they don’t perform. Will be good bit stronger though when they get the NaP players back.


20 wides for Limerick!!!



First televised free taking shoot out ?


Jaysus…hurling is great. Has anyone ever mentioned that before?


Jaysus youd be pulling ur hair out if from Clare. 30 scores to 22 and then losing a goal like that with last puck!


They havent a clue what to do. Typical, get the phone out and ring someone else :joy::joy:


Can you get a yellow in normal time and a yellow in extra time and still stay on the pitch? Because Cian Lynch did.


Is there any sport in the world where you’d see the two managers in middle of the pitch with ref on their mobiles before shoot out. It’s bleedin hilarious stuff in the Gaa at times :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ah balls there’s a 3rd period of Extra Time. Was looking forward to the shootout


Hence the phone calls :grinning:


Is extra time not treated as new game?


What’s the benefit of 2 extra halves of 5 mins. Surely better to have the shootout after the end of the 2 periods of 10mins


I thought that rule was long gone and only stated that lads who had been sent off in normal time could be replaced by someone else… Didn’t realise all cards were wiped out.


Free in Limerick. They level it up


Soft free for limerick.

Frees a plenty to come


Shoot out it is


Sudden death now effectively


Back to the original free takers? Why not move on through the team?

Whoever came up with this is an eejit. Should have been golden score.