Allianz Hurling League 2017


Could be some in that alright.


Derek McGrath’s interview before the Galway match yesterday told you everything about his attitude to the league. What we wanted we have achieved. Which was 6 points and stay out of relegation. He then lines the team out with about 10 changes from the previous day.


I just don’t understand that kind of thing … Used to happen a lot in the football too … but not any more. I suppose when you’re Waterford and winning Liam every other year, then …


Yes agree. Completely mad not to want to get some more matches under your belt and try and win a trophy.


If we’d won 4 leagues and no all irelands would Jim be in a job ?

Not a snowballs. Leagues are great when you win all Ireland’s .

Didn’t do Clare much good last year


In all fairness B we are not Waterford.


First time since the 50s that Wexford have beaten kk in Nowlan park. Otb said wex had trained 26 nights in January :confused:


So did Clare last year. Davy’s usual MO.

They’ll be shagged by June.


Mental stuff. I dont usually buy into this ‘poor county players’ stuff but that is ridiculous.


Oh … is Greg Jacob back? …


I thought he was the shageee as opposed to the shagger!


lets not over think this.


Are you saying he took one for the team?


pregnant pause.


Davy is slowing down . He gave them 7 days off at Christmas. They’ll be burned out in year one like all his teams


Last year he had the Clare lads in Breaffy for a 3 day training session. Some could not walk afterwards. One of the drills involved walking on each others chests. The Wexford lads may have to pull the pikes from the thatch before this is over! Vinegar Hill!!


Hope they were wearing mouldies :flushed:


Stilettos? We back to Greg here?


Ah Jaysus Noooooo!


Be very interesting to see if Fitzgerald gets away with going on the pitch and shouldering a Tipp lad in the chest. GAA will be under severe scrutiny on this one.