Allianz Hurling League 2017


But that doesn’t mean they weren’t penalties :wink:

The referee was excellent tonight and kept on top of the game.


Blanchfields peno was a stonewaller. Maher slid into his legs and took him down. A very bad and dangerous tackle. The first was a stupid defensive mistake by the corner back. No reason to frontal charge in that position. Gave the ref a call to make. Tipp missed a few good chances near the end to see it out but Cody will be delighted to go to semple and get a performance like that with a lot of new lads and a lot of positional changes. Win or lose tomorrow its all on the line in Parnell the next day . Cant wait.


You have opinions on rugby, yeah? :smile:
Great point, though.


Why do we need to wait until August for such games in the championship? A revamped championship structure could give you 8-10 such games every year.


So much for Kilkenny being finished


6-33 to 1-19 is some score line limerick v Laois


I thought playing against the top counties was supposed to bring the likes of Laois on :confused:


Cork giving Waterford plenty of problems


The wheels seem to have come off a bit since cheadder left.


Cork beating Waterford pretty comfortably, goes to show you.


Big win for cork against Waterford


Is that Dublin definitely in the relegation play off? Might get away with it if we rack up a huge score against KK but thats probably not going to happen.


Head-to-head takes precedence in a two-way tie. If Waterford and Clare draw (meaning they both avoid relegation cough and qualify for the q/f’s), Dublin beat Kilkenny and Tipp beat Cork, Dublin and Cork will be level on 4 points. Cork would therefore be in the relegation play-off with KK.


Does head to Head only come into play if level on score difference? Anyway if by some miracle Kilkenny and Cork did end up in a Play Off Then rest assured we would see two divisions of 8 next year! :slight_smile:


Head to head comes before score difference, then highest score. If that doesn’t separate them we have a playoff to avoid a playoff!!!


I think @Tayto has hacked RTE’s website…


if i’d hacked it, i’d have suggested the quantum leap of linking the two competitions


It is calling out for that-linking the two competitions- particularly for a round robin for teans outside the super 8 in football, which is linked to league placings. The top 8 or so hurling teans making up a super 8 or whatever in July/August would be interesting- could see a Dublin team growing in such a competition…


so What’s going on with the 1B teams winning 3 or the 4 games?


I think Eddie Brennan hit nail on head last night on telly. Div 1A is a bit of a bear pit so when teams survive relegation they kinda take foot off the gas and relax a little, probably more mental than anything, and are vulnerable. Waterford made something like 9 changes to starting line up yesterday.