Allianz Hurling League 2017


Didn’t say much in the tv show anyway


I think he suggested thay there was a culture of drinking and fighting in the game. He’s absolutely right so I don’t know what the issue is.


Indeed he is. There has always been drinking and fighting at ice hockey games.


Just because he is right, it doesn’t mean people like having their shortcomings pointed out to them. We don’t always react in a calm & measured fashion, whenever someone has a pop at us, our culture, or our drinking.


He was saying that the players themselves drink the night before games which is what they took exception too. No real need for him to say anything negative about that team or the lads over there. They seemed to look after him while he was there and certainly didn’t need the hassle of it. Might make other organisations think twice about signing up to such a thing in future


Link for the match for those without Eir


Goal of the Year there from TJ.


Joke of a penalty. Would it even be a free out the pitch?


Fantastic game . Kilkenny hanging on by their finger nails


Great atmosphere down here. God,these fans do not like each other. The work off the ball is what makes these teams stand. Tipp getting the scores from play easier than kk. Paul murphy directly at fault for both Tipp goals which could be the difference at the end. Kk with only 3 points from play. Tj with 2.04 …1.03 from play. Kk with only 3 scorers.
Enjoyable game.


ANOTHER joke penalty for KK. This is laughable.


Stone Wall penalty


Belter of a game. Fancy KK to go on and sneak the win. They’ve been in this position far too many times, to eff it up now.


Not a hurling man but, what a fecking game.


Why rugby gets so much newsprint is beyond me compared to this


The commentary on KCLR is priceless !


Bad result for Dublin. Need a win tomorrow


What a second half. Unreal.


Both were clear penalties

First one he played the player and wasn’t even looking at the sliothar coming in.

2nd one he had his leg trapped and he couldn’t move

Great game and some pace and intensity too. Frightening thing from our point of view is theirs a tonne more hurling in both teams.


I’d give you any money that neither would be awarded in an All Ireland final. Blanchfield just slumped to his knees.