Allianz Hurling League 2017


I think it’s perfect for Ryan . Gives him ample time to go all loughnane with the players


perhaps. with previous teams i would ahve thought that would upset the primma donnas, not sure if there are any left or if he needs to go loughnane. if beating cork and winning another munster isnt enough motivation, and the chance to get rid of the flash in the pan jibe isnt enough motivation either…



how more dysfunctional can a league be?

it has two divisions where you play a proper league and then you play a different league in knock outs till you get to a final where the winners dont win their league but end up winning the league and stay in the lower league.


It’s what makes the GAA unique. Complete and utter lunacy like this.


It is absolutely not unique to the GAA at all. You can finish fourth in Pro 12, Aviva Premiership etc - having got the sh1te hammered out of you by the team finishing top and still win the Championship.

If you don’t win enough points in your regular league why should you get promoted??? The play-offs are a money spinner. Bottom line is Galway couldn’t beat Wexford when it really mattered - if promotion is what really matters…

Don’t see how its dysfunctional at all - compared to a lot of other GAA stuff.


It’s dsyfunctional in that Galway don’t get promoted. Pro 12 example everyone is in the same league the following year


They didn’t change the rules half way through. Everyone knew only one team was getting promoted. Wexford beat Galway and got promoted. Can’t see any unfairness there meself. Some of the stuff that went on in the play-off games was a bit peculiar alright but the regular league was grand.


Can you point out any other sport in the world where the same exists . Its pretty unique
Even if you win the europa league you get a place in the champions league
It’s absurd in my view that Galway best higher ranked teams then Wexford , win the competition and don’t get promoted


Galway aren’t complaining, 1b allows the chance to blood players under less pressure, equally it’s not the end of the world for Dublin to be there next year despite some thinking so


Inter County Hurling is very difficult to organise. There are 8 or 9 counties who are so superior to all the rest that they cannot even play challenge games against each other. Galway regularly destroy Westmeath in Leinster for example and they would be considered decent enough. Westmeath in turn would destroy Louth or counties like that. What’s a bit depressing about it is that you just know things won’t improve for any of them outside the top 8 or 9. So we can say ‘where else would you have this’ and so on, but where else do you have such huge disparities in standards which are never going to change?


8/12 teams ‘qualify’ for the quarter finals. If the team that finished fourth in 1B got promoted would that not be farcical? In terms of promotion the regular league is the real deal. The knockouts are just extra games - meaningless a lot of the time too …


Outrageous scenes in the premier county.

Kieran Bergin gone from the panel, more to follow. Michael Ryan dead man walking if seems

OK made up the last 2 parts, it’s Tipp hurling not Dublin


Bergin is 31. Has all Ireland medals , won’t get back into the team , knows it and probably fancies having a career having hurling
Logical choice in my view . No pot of gold for former inter county hurlers


Worst competition structures of any sport known to man.


Don’t agree at all. It is really two separate competitions. There is Div 1A and Div 1B played in proper League format. Then they throw in 7 more games to extend the thing an make a few bob.


Just remove senior players from u21 (they doing this next year I think) and fitzgibbon, ditch the Walsh and stick the top 10 in a league and play the dam thing off.


thsts fine but a div 1b team wins it there should be provision to get promoted . Or just go the whole hog and have a 12 team league


or a12 team provincial league championship which would revolutionise the sport imho.


Not slagging Berain…

But it would be deemed a catastrophe in Dublin by some