Allianz Hurling League 2017


Ger Cunningham was guest on hill16 army podcast blue is the colour episode 7 available in the last ten minutes would post link but am limited in my technical know how apologies.


I posted the link in the Dublin Galway thread .


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Davy hit with an 8 week touchline ban. He will love all the attention. No doubt he will appeal it and get it cut down just in time for their meeting with KK


And he may not be allowed to train or have any association with his team in that period.

"A bigger issue arises over how exactly the suspension is applied. The rules define a suspension under this heading as debarment “from all functions, privileges and competitions under the Association’s control but not from membership of the Association”.

That could be interpreted as a ban on allowing a team manager to prepare the squad although that has not been strictly applied in the past."


When will the GAA move out of the Stone Age. How could such a ban be enforced? 8 weeks away from the squad. Davy will love all that and think he’s on a secret little mission training the team behind closed doors. All this building the siege mentality that he craves. Bans should be enforced per number of games not weeks


Most suspensions are game based. Those above the normal sending off infractions are for a time duration.


Not quite. Player suspensions for playing offences are game based. All other suspensions and suspensions for non playing members are game based.


Whoever beats Kilkenny wins the all Ireland. They are still the team to beat. I was at the drawn game kk v Tipp,both teams missing a few,but Tipp emptied the bench to try and nick it while Cody made one change. If hogans back sorts itself and Michael fennelly gets back at anywhere nearing full pelt it’s kks to lose. Surprised not to see Robert Lennon getting a run. The lad can hurl and has a serious presence. Better than joey golden and prender anyway. Although Prendergast did well at cb v Tipp. Might carry it on out there. No good in fb line.
Very reminiscent of 2011. Tipp flying,kk past it. Kk are slotting in a few big lads under the radar. Had a very similar league campaign in 2011 as well. The Munster meeja going into meltdown over the demise of the one lenister team that’s kept them down for the guts of 18 seasons. Yep,very similar to 2011 .


Most playing suspensions are game based.

Catagory V and VI are time based. These are the above normal infractions I was referring to. (playing infractions with suspensions ranging from 12 to 96 weeks).

Suspensions for mentors are time based and not game based.

Disruptive conduct by players, mentors, supporters, can be anything up to debarment and expulsion from the association.


Davy got 8 weeks. I hope all appeals fail. 8 months would have been even better.


The pressure on this man …saving hurley … single handed …


Jason Forde got a 2 game ban for his part…


Which is effectively the same thing as Davy isn’t it? Won’t he ‘only’ miss 2 games, assuming Wexford get through the first round?


I hope Tipp appeal Forde’s suspension to the very highest level, typical of Davy that he would bring somebody down with him.


He was acting the bowsy too in fairness. I know if Davy wasn’t on the pitch it wouldn’t have happened but still …

Anyway he’s from Tipp so he deserved it.


hate talking about the man but it’s an absolute joke that Forde got more or less the same ban for his part, if he wanted to I’m sure he could have put Davy on his backside without much effort. Davy encroached in to the players area at the end of the day. if it had have been the other way and a player went in to the managers dugout to provoke a member of the opposition management, physically or otherwise, there would be calls for lifetime bans. the fact that he openly said afterwards that it was pre meditated p1sses me off something terrible!!


Two big teams in the final, pretty physical/scrappy stuff so far.


6-4 to Galway, some very sloppy play from both, questionable shot selection at times also


Any links lads?