Allianz Hurling League 2017


They’re rapier like when they get going. As good as Kilkenny in their pomp?


Talent wise better in my view . This group is a bit scary


Serious forwards. But a good range of scores from further out the field too. They are really comfortable on the ball. God knows what it would have finished if bubbles had started.


There is only one word for a person like DF…BULLY !

He needs to be given a serious suspension at this stage.


Kind of ironic when he claimed to have been bullied when he was growing up!!!


I hope that Tipp lad gets done for going for poor Davy and him leaving the field. That kind of thing has no place in hurley. You can’t be shouldering managers. And the size difference too.


Rule 7.2(d)(3) of the Official Guide

Disruptive Conduct by Players, Team Officials
or Supporters (not causing the Premature
Termination of a Game).

Penalties shall be at the discretion of the Council
or Committee-in-Charge, subject to a Penalty
being of a form provided for in Rules 7.1, 7.2 or
7.4 to 7.9 inclusive.

Which basically means they can suspend him for as long or as short a time as they want.

I actually think this is a very big deal. A precedent will be set here if something is not done. Whatever he gets becomes the standard all across the Association. And there’s some suggestion that in the post match interview he admitted to knowing exactly what he was doing i.e. it was not spur of the moment.

Big freakin’ spotlight on the CCCC now.


Yes indeed. That midfielder should definitely be in mucho hot water. Davy won’t push it though - he’s not that kind of man. He won’t want to be in the spotlight. Hurley is all he wants.


Nice line of sarcasm there :clap::clap::clap:


Its crazy the obsession with everything Davy does. Just ignore him. Hes a clown.
He didnt kill anyone yesterday but there does need to be a precedent set now regarding managers getting involved with players. A 1 or 2 game suspension and then we can all get on with our lives again.


Heffo once got a three month suspension for coming on to the pitch to treat an injured Barney Rock. Going on that DF should get about three years!!!


Scandalous behaviour, he should learn to control himself.


Tipp are fairly awesome at the moment. Some of them are doing stuff with the ball regularly that would have been unheard of a few years ago. Are they all massive too, or just wearing the jerseys a size small? Physically they seem well ahead of everyone else.


Everyone except Galway, who are also a big team.


But will have the brown stuff running down their legs come the business end of the championship


I don’t agree. Tipp beat them by one point last year with Canning injured on the sideline.


Tipp are improving all the time too though and have the forwards that can create something out of nothing.

They are a great side but they don’t have the bottle or leaders to beat them but we will see.


Anyone know will the league final be in Croke Park next Sunday?
Hardly be Thurles will it?