Allianz Hurling League 2017


He’s been bad.

Tipp not even at full tilt yet. They will win Liam at a canter


If bubbles had of started this game there could be 20 in it now. Tipp physically far superior. Wexford have shown great fight but they are a distance away.


Agree re Kirwin. But it’s no reason for what Davy did. And the goal made little material difference. Tip have shown they could win at their leisure. And they did.

It’s worth noting that the free count is ridiculously lopsided in Wexford’s favour.

Tipp just rubbing it in now.




Ah you know what I mean Alan, he brings that daft factor where you don’t know what he’s going to do next !!! Wonder what Cody is thinking sitting up in the premium level :joy::joy:. No goal threat from the wexicans today, he’ll be scratching his head as to how they coughed up the goals and chances they did the last day


I personally believe his actions are carefully choreographed and thought about well in advance


Tipp will win Liam no problem at all.


The goal most certainly did make a difference. Tipp had scored very little and were clearly rattled. With the greatest of respect, how can you say that Tipp would have won if Wexford went in ahead at half time? Hindsight is very subjective.


It stopped the Tipp momentum and rallied his own players.

He knew exactly what he was at the little troll.


Men against boys there


I think he just admitted that there in the interview .


All bar 1 point of Tipp’s tally from play. Who needs frees?


Davy very jovial there , even taking selfies . Doesn’t seem too bothered about the result .


Do you honestly think that Tipp team needed a goal at that very moment to ensure they won the game? Even without the goal they were still winning and it was a good way off half time. Hindsight indeed.

Sorry but I don’t agree. They are ten times the team Wexford are and proved it in the end.


It’s Danny Healy Rae politics in a hurling format . He knows what’s he is doing with all that stuff.


He’s already achieved enough to ensure another year of expenses.

Why would he be worried?


Then he should have no problem with what will hopefully be a hefty suspension.

Although I bet they won’t hit him with any more than one game.


Commando training can’t buy the skills the tipp forwards have


Won’t bother Davy. He beat KK and got promoted.

That’ll ensure the gravy train keeps on rolling.


It’s also easier to sell to the village idiots in Wexford anyway . But they are as far off tipp as we are