Allianz Hurling League 2017


Look at the crowds Davy brings. Single handedly saving hurling that man. Legend. Move over Ger …


Not at all. I’m no fan of Davy but that was about 3 frees out not given before the goal. Referee was miles from the play. Absolutely disgraceful. A Tipp midfielder also ran in to get involved with Davy.


Desperate stuff. It was a free out that led to the goal but that man is a lunatic.


And if a player does this to someone who’s part of a management team there would be up roar.


If they ( the powers that be ) are serious about discipline, he will be sitting in the stand the next day.


Just the next day? He should get three months minimum.


The pitch is for players. Are you suggesting that poor refereeing, and it was, is now a reason for managers to encroach on the pitch and engage the opposition?

The Tipp player ran in after Davy hit the first player.

He’s a disgrace to the game.


Wexford playing well though, goals the difference


Wexford hanging in there. Davy gets great passion from his players. Great to see.


Standard Davy. Peak in April. Won’t be any good in July. Passion won’t be good enough then.


It seems like a Great atmosphere compared to the 3/4rds empty Gaelic grounds earlier.


Think wex will need a goal :goal_net:


Did you catch the footage of him on the bus before the game?? I don’t think he was walking up and down it pointing to the exits :joy::joy::joy:. Yeah he’s mad, but that’s why we’re all watching it. I’d say his heart specialist or whatever is making room for a rapid appointment!!!


Davy packs 'em in. Worth a fortune to the GAA


To be fair with Wexford (or any second tier county) you might as well train to peak for early in the year, there’s no point trying to peak in sept and getting knocked out in June.


It’s not why I’m watching it. I’d rather see the hurling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I may have picked this up wrong but the free count seems to be 13-2 in favour of Wexford!


Third goal has finished them off … forth goal :goal_net:


Yep that’s about right. Fair play to Davy - his teams just want to play hurling … and concede goals …


I agree but Kirwan should never referee again. He is unfit, lazy and poor in general. It’s not fair for lads to train so hard to be ridden by a shite referee. That goal made a a significant difference to the outcome.


Going to look like it was s landslide now but that was competitive enough for the bones of 60 mins