Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Ah i’d say Galway suffered the worst and to this day - Half of Mayo live there.,


Sorry MM!!

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I heard that before. Makes you wonder about the origin behind county colours and emblems.

The red hand in the Tyorne jersey was meant to be from the O’Neill clan in the 9 yr war.

Above the crest is Countae O’Neill.

The high seat of the O’Neills isn’t too far from Omagh.


I love the high seat in O’Neills.

Makes it easy to catch the barman’s attention.


Don’t dare dis’ the high seat of the O’neills.

It might look like a bunch of oul rocks…well that’s exactly what it looks like…but it’s only place the local primary schools can afford to take kids to.


No disrespect intended Daller.

Meant O’Neills in Suffolk Street.


I know!!

Just picking rows coz I’m bored and the boss’s car is still in the car park.

As soon he goes…I’m out o’ here.


Not if he’s on here, you’re not! :sunglasses:


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Very witty.

Edit: I’m not slow witted…but some of the jokes here are very fast. Goes to show what they say about town folk…can’t be at them.


Yes Mayoman I read that before about Mayo’s population loss, largest in actual number decline. I think Mayo and Leitrim had the biggest in proportion to population also. Mayo had a bigger population than the likes of Dublin, I think only Cork and maybe Galway had bigger populations. Achill was quite densely populated at the time.


Naw … it’d be just tooooo easy …


Achill was the Rome of its day


But now Dublin is the most densely populated :wink::grin:


Bit of a hospital pass there Dublin09


Being a nice guy I didn’t put the boot in … and you rob my line and insult my people. Shocking …


And wharever your having yourself


Rome after Hannibal and his Carthaginians were through it.


So true .There is a brilliant recent publication on the famine "atlas of irish Famine " some work.The scale of it in global terms is unreal much bigger than any famines worldwide since.Turns out it wasnt a famine but a genocide I think its beginning to be accepted as such in Britian now.


Wernt most of the people who fled the famine to.america from the western seaboard


There was actually a worse famine in 1740