Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Thought the same y’day that Colm Boyle was lucky to be playing.

In the previous game he hit McGeary that late and that hard…the medical team thought he’d broken his leg.

I wouldn’t have Boyle as dirty player, but he’s very lucky he got away with only a yellow.

Talking of bad tackles…all very civil in Healy Park. Fair play to Kerry fans that made their way up.


I listened to Donegal v Mayo on RTE Radio yesterday while in Croker… as I left Croker and Mayo equalised, they mentioned that Mayo were holding on to their men and pulling and dragging them. The Co-Commentator (whoever he was?) then said that’s what Mayo need to do now… pull and drag their men and cause as much disruption as possible now to see out the final minutes of the game.

Turn over to Allianz League Sunday last night and Tomas O’Se and our own Ciaran Whelan make reference to the same incidents at the end of the Donegal Mayo game and both refer back to “we’ve seen it before with Dublin doing it at the end of the All Ireland final!”

Some serious double standards and revisionism in the media.


Many wouldn’t despite the fact that there is ample evidence there to suggest otherwise. If he was wearing a Tyrone or Dublin shirt he would have had that label long before now. It just doesn’t seem to apply to players in certain jerseys.


Really agree with that.

For fear of sounding paranoid, had that been Philly McMahon…or a Ricey…I’d expect far more negative coverage.

You can even argue that A Moran got a handier time that DC.

Not the players’ fault…just differing levels of outrage amongst pundits and media, who can influence decisions.


I think he is a dirty player. The angriest man in ireland. A permanent scowl on his face!!!


You have to hand it to Mayo, somewhat. Not many gave them a chance of survival heading up to Ballybofey - especially without Keegan and Moran. They have proven that they are a very, very hard team to beat.


Keegan is out for 3-4 months. Seems to a very similar injury to Cian O Sullivan – both massive losses. Remains to be seen if either can have the impact they had last year


Mayo are incredibly resilient. Like Dracula they need a stake in the heart.

Was listening to McHugh in the build-up to yesterday’s game saying it was Mayo’s misfortune they’re around the same time as probably the greatest football side ever.

Right team at the wrong time.


That’s my boss you’re thinking off. Especially on a Monday morning…


Moran should have seen red as well yesterday, how a ref can hand a yellow out for a deliberate strike to the face is beyond me.


No need for a steak, just a ROCK.


nothing new there, and when we give out about the big lie of the all ireland final we get told to shut up moaning sure you won it didnt you, which is equally annoying.

the RTE commentary yesterday was saying that one of the Mayo frees (first half i think) should actually have been a free out to Donegal and they couldnt underatnd it. When only one point is all the difference in a game this sort of thing is important.

I expected Mayo to win yesterday TBH and had said so in the run up. That said, in retrospect, Donegal perhaps threw it away as much as Mayo clinging on.

It could also be said that perhaps D2 wouldnt be the end of Mayo. They’re cut a swathe there next season and be right back up and they always plan backwaqrds from the all ireland so as to be in prime condition for one day only, and that day isnt march 25th.


They lost 4 matches before yesterday which left them in that position …


Ha, yes… I suppose I should have qualified that statement.


Ahhh …


AAAAHHHHH indeed, well infairness… it is the Peoples Champs Dub09! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Casey is daft but sure I suppose if you can’t show emotion in the moment what’s the point? Was jumping up and down myself.


And rightly so. I would have been the same myself tbh.


If that was Dublin and we avoided relegation with a last gasp point - after trailing for most of the match - I would’ve been going berserk too! Sure I went berserk when we got what had seemed the equaliser against Monaghan!


When Cluxton scored that point in 2011 I stood up in the Ard Comhairle and applauded for a full three seconds.