Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


I don’t really know who you cut from the panel, maybe you don’t cut anyone from the panel but management have to have the stones to pull a lad off the pitch when he is being roasted.

In all honesty would you have left O Shea at full back in the first game against Kerry last year? I don’t think Fitzmaurice would have if it was the other way around and I don’t think Gavin would either. Has O Connor ever been taken off the pitch other than when he is carried off injured? Loftus is probably your second best forward and he was non existent last year.

Yes as you said this is a one in a generation Dublin bunch, but you have to look at it this way, this current Mayo team are/were competing with them, this year we have seen a number of new faces in the Dublin panel and some of these lads are going to seriously push or even dislodge some other dead certs from last year. I don’t think Mayo have done that this year and going back to my earlier point they remind me of Dublin in the early 00’s where the dog on the street could nearly tell you the team.

My point is I feel Mayo need to hit the reset button and go back to the drawing board.


Also from u21 winning team who have been tried and/or featured in some capacity are Stephen Coen, Fergal Boland, Shairoze Akram, Eoin O Donoughue


As big an issue for Mayo is their decision-making, and I wonder if Rochford is doing any work on that.


They haven’t been given much game time at all - which is not good for their confidence. Sunday won’t have helped O’Donoghue - or Crowe - the FB line was ripped apart. I felt sorry for them. Akram rarely seen and Coen - like a couple of others - only seems to get time when there are no other options. Loftus too is on and off so much that he will never build confidence. Douglas too must be brassed off. It certainly seems that the manager’s hands are a bit tied. You could pick the Mayo team if all were available. They can’t be the only ones flying in training - all the time.


Would love to just know what Rochford’s actual role is. Ever since that outburst from prior management you nearly get the impression the boys run the training and pick the team.

Division 2 maybe their best option to give lads a run out, cant see Moran coming back next year if they don’t push for AI glory this year and by the looks of it they are in a bad state of affairs at the moment. Actually wouldnt mind Mayo winning an AI after we make history with 6 in a row or something :slight_smile:


I’d say they’re aware that Dgal have been pretty woeful themselves and possibly haven’t beaten Mayo since 2012.


Lost by an injury time point in Killarney with 13 men, lost to a last minute point v Galway, gave us a good rattle in Croker, beat Kildare and then lost by 6 in Omagh and 3 in Clones - neither an easy place to get a win. Their form is much better than Mayo’s I reckon and far from woeful.


I think he should start with his own - it’s baffling at times.


The sole intent of any team relegated to Division two, should be to get out of it back into Division one. It is a graveyard.


If McBrearty was playing, it would be tight, but you’d expect the home side to prevail.
But he’s not. However, neither will Leeroy (and possibly COC).

This game could end up 0-07 to 0-08. Do whom, I don’t know.


Granted it a graveyard but there is nothing to be learned from not intoducing young lads in the fear they can’t hack the pace in division one.

Nobody would have said Scully was a banker to play come all Ireland final day at the start of last year’s league or Con would waltz through Mayo within a minute and bang in a goal but they were given sufficient time to find their feet, I don’t think Mayo are giving lads that opportunity because Aidan and cillian must start every game because it’s written into the managers contract. Sometimes you have to go back or side ways to go forward, the current style of play in Dublin will show you that :grinning:


You just need a Gaffer with the stones to enforce his authority…


But most Mayo fans don’t think Aido or Cillian should be dropped either so whaddyado?!


Lads I’m sorry but to believe that one or two lads hold an inter county manager to Ransom is quiet frankly ridiculous. Imagine Donie Buckley or McEntee being involved in suck a toxic atmosphere…it wouldn’t happen nor would we get very far in championship football if that had been the case over the last 2 seasons.


You are either being willfully blind, or unintentionally naive, if you think that long, established, media savvy, fan favourite players never get into power battles with young & inexperienced managers. It happens across all team sports. Am not saying it has happened in Mayo, or it is happening now, but it’s been happening since team sports were first invented. Given the very nature of human nature, it will continue to, especially when the stakes are as high as they are on successful teams.


And deny us an historic 7 in a row? :rage:


No I m sure I was at a league game in 92/93 at Croker v Galway. I remember a great goal from jack Sheehy and Keith Barr getting a ball straight in the kisser .


Not talking about holding managers to ransom. What about the previous incumbents? What happened there and why? Do you not think the current man would be very aware and wary of all that? But in all fairness given how near ye have been it’d be hard to be radical - but it hasn’t delivered …


Well…old rivalries die hard!

Beating Mayo and Kerry - albeit in the league - will help lift the gloom after that semi.

Especially beating Kerry in front of a home crowd. They’re owed one.


Before last year’s semi, I said that MH might spring Lee Brennan as he was hitting big scores for Trillick (same club as Mattie Donnelly).

Fans couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get on.

Maybe he needed that bit more time.

But either way it’s just a relief to have a player that can turn and shoot. Hope he does the business against Kerry.

Ps I’m not bitter but did I say I hope Kerry lose??