Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


They just don’t have any strength in depth at all and losing ■■■ and Leeroy in the first half and Moran early in the second was a bridge too far. Their full back line looked particularly woeful. They persist with Cafferkey - probably because they have no other options.


Surely they have somebody in the county better than Cafferkey? I don’t mean to be harsh on the lad but I’m struggling to think of a full back playing at this high a level that is so poor


He hasn’t been the same since he came back from injury. I can only think of maybe one game in the league where he wasn’t been taken to the cleaners.

The thing is, Mayo could easily be relegated, but then again, they could show up and dismantle Donegal. Their consistency is right up there with application of the GAA rulebook generally.


No they are missing too many and are obviously only concerned about Galway … relegation is no big deal for them - they haven’t been bothered in the League in recent years at all


TBF he was ripped to shreads by theose who botthered to reply to him

He posted a similar post after our match and I was actually wondering if he was a resdub on a deep cover WUM mission :rofl:

I’m actually more convinced of this now…


I have no doubts that they will win next weekend. If they dont then it shows there is something very bad going on in there, their only good game was against a terrible Kildare side which left Mr B. Flynn needing new strides.

It seems that comedy central are rattled by Galways performance against us. It would be ironic if (and I think its a hell of an if) we do a Cork job on Galway and they’re still reelling come the Mayo match, giving our friendly rivals the win…


He can’t be a Dub. He’s not right in the head. Have you read that cowboy thing of his? I mean, seriously like… WTF ? :scream:


Donegal are no mugs - especially at home. They owe Mayo a few too and will be keen to not let their fans down.

Mayo will be missing Leeroy, prob ■■■, Higgins and others. They should also be down Boyle and Moran - but that’s another story. I just don’t see them winning. Evens is a good price for a home win. Double up with Tyrone at 10/11!


Our game v donegal will be a championship edge game for sure. Still willing to reserve judgement until after the Galway championship game in May.

Relegation will not be good prep heading into that game though. Maybe the miles are catching up with us…worrying times ahead


Can’t believe they haven’t caught up with ye before now @mayoman - ye have huge mileage on the clock.


Donegal missing McBrearty. Without him think Donegal are goosed!


Murphy is back though. Are people here aware that Mayo were beaten by 12 points at home to Tyrone last Sunday? Did anyone see that game? :thinking:


Id feel a lot more confident for Donegal if they had McBreathy. Still…


Losing is a (bad) habit that they seem to be picking up…


I don’t think relegation would be good prep long term for Mayo if they are to maintain their status as top 4 or 5 in the country. Fielding a few young lads to test them in division 2 does not give you the confidence you get get out of it from Division 1. I think this is a long time coming for Mayo and going back to the drawing board in division 2 might he exactly what they need in terms of blooding a few new faces.

Reliance on Moran and O Connor when he is on form will win you nothing in my opinion. As a Dub and being as unbiased as I can the process we have gone through in Dublin to get where we are today has come from being somewhat mediocre for a long time. Until we became cut throat at management level we were never going to progress and win what we have. There is no room for sentiment in sport if you want to win and until Mayo have management that are will to cut a few lads they will remain as they are.


In fairness who do we cut from the panel? We don’t have the strength in depth Dublin do…

While Dublin donindeed have an excellent manager, you also have the players…a once in a generation bunch.


Yes Murphy is back alright though didn’t stop them getting a good beating from Monaghan.

With McBrearty and at home Donegal win. Without him could go either way.

Think Keegan might have serious collar bone injury ■■■ apparently not as bad as first thought. His hammer apparently!


Could be time for the O’Shea’s and O’Connor brothers to get together again and re-select the squad they’d like built around them and what positions they’d like everyone to play in. I’d say that might be something to do with the reason there haven’t been more changes or younger blood coming through. The current squad don’t want it.

How many of the 2016 U-21 All Ireland winning team have stepped up or been given a decent run of games to have the opportunity to step up?. Loftus and D O’Connor?


As Dub09 said, the next game against Kerry might give a better indication.

Although it’s a dead rubber game…I imagine both managers want to win this for confidence reasons.

Tyrone haven’t turned world beaters over night, but anytime you beat Mayo so convincingly is always good for confidence.


Do you mean history?