Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Galway v Monaghan will be an interesting watch today. Galway are obviously secure in Division 1 and barring a strange set of results, Monaghan are too. Monaghan are on the go longer in Division 1 so should be more focused on progessing and winning a title - but all the talk out of Monaghan seems to be that after securing Division 1 safety, all their focus is on Tyrone in May. And realistically, making a league final for either team will entail losing to Dublin twice in a short space of time - possibly losing badly - so it mightn’t be the best build up to the summer. I read Monaghan have used 29 players so far this year, and using McManus sparingly is interesting, seems like they’re focusing on blooding as many players as possible.

Galway too will be delighted with how their return to Division 1 has gone, and will probably be content to prepare for the summer now. Hope I’m not tempting fate, but with the pressure off for both teams maybe we’ll see a good game of football this afternoon.


Good post, I kinda overlooked monaghans champo aspirations as see them as league orientated team, which is possibly wrong.


I can see Galway not going out of their way to finish 2nd. They’ve such a poor record in Croke Park, being on the receiving end of another hammering there, wouldn’t do their heads any good, as they prep for the Mayo Connaught fixture.


Would it be the confidence killer or the lesson they need to dampen their wick and get them to focus for champo. I would hold judgement till we meet in salthill.


Monaghan lead 7-5 at half time but had Fintan Kelly sent off just before the break.


They are playing well .Galway sitting back allowing them to own the ball. 65-35 possession.
Tribe looked dangerous at times running at pace. Don’t understand the tactics.
I won’t complain. For me to be able to watch these games is a joy. As Gaeilge is nice too. I’ll be home for the Monaghan game. A Monaghan win today could make that game interesting.


Louth down by 12 at ht to Tipp in Div 2. it’s a fair achievement to go 12 down in the first half alone…


Galway get another win and go top of Div 1 after beating a 14 man Monaghan, who looked likely to get a result up till the deserved red card. Makes Dubs trip to salthill that little bit bigger.


If we win today it’ll be a Dublin v Galway final



Had a little scoot over to the Mayoblog. Yer man Revelino has some horn for Aido. God love the fellow when the big fella retires. But jaysus there is some headbangers over there. Willie Joe runs a tight tight ship!


If he was sent off for dangerous play how did AOS escape red for McCarthy challenge? Hopefully don’t get that Paddy Neilan for any more games. Shocking referee.


Darren McCurry has opted out of the Tyrone side for 2018.

Said he was working in North Antrim and he couldn’t do the 3 or 4 nights a week training sessions.

If nothing else…there must be a H&S issue doing that amount of driving, training and working.

And after only making substitute appearances in injury time…I can’t blame him at all.


Sorry to hear that UTD. A tough routine for sure, and I’m sure there’s a few others doing similar.

Still though you’d think he could have got a job doing Indian food closer to home no?


It’s a lot, but there are players doing worse. If he was getting his game every week, he would probably have worked something out.

I know a guy that drives from Donegal to Dundalk every day for work, and has done for years. Not that’s tough!


Cian O’Sullivan out until July
Had an Op on Tuesday


How bad is the injury, havent heard exactly what it is, ?


That is really, really serious. We can cope if McCaffery comes back and if there is nothing serious with McCarthy - but without all three there will be no All Ireland.


You reckon jack becomes the sweeper ? Imagine that coupled with his piercing runs . Again we have to come the reality of not having the likes of Cian & how we adapt . I’m sure Jim will have a plan for that . At least he has plenty of time to figure it out .


Ah here … Even without all 3 we still have the best squad in the country. We’ll be fine.