Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


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Galway have enough disappointment in the not too distant past, to appreciate the recent green shoots of Connacht dominance.
From 2006 to 2013, they lost an incredible ten championship games by a single point. And from 2004 to 2013, they didn’t win a single game in the qualifiers.

As a Galway uncle of mine would say," they’re fcukin’ due so…’’:grinning:


Goalkeeper Peter Boyle has quit the senior football panel, having been pushed to number 2 after Shaun Patton ex league of Ireland keeper.


While it’s disappointing not to have a dubs game this weekend, the positive is we remain top of div. 1 for another week and the terrible twins ( kildare&mayo ) get comfortable in the relegation spots.


This is a really good read if your a dub and you like your stats.
No prizes for guessing which county had a string of 30 possessions in one play.


“Can we consider Fenton a midfielder? These offensive numbers are off the chart – high volume of shots, with high accuracy and high assists production. On his assists he has won three frees that led to Dean Rock attempts at goal, set up Kilkenny for his goal against Tyrone and also provided the assist for seven point attempts. Phenomenal.”

Nice coming from a Kildare man :blush:


Dublin, all the possession, taking less shots and scoring more with a conversion rate of 65%. yeah I know, don’t get excited it’s only the league.
The other standout team, no not that one, that can’t kick the ball out with their ahem, all star keeper but Galway with lowest possession their kicking the scores and conceding little, 2nd highest conversion rate 64%. Kinda confirms what we already knew, after the dubs it’s a pig in a poke as to who takes 2nd place.


Tyrone making hard work of Donegal, were winning by 7, ten mins into 2nd half Donegal got a goal and a point to come back into it, 2 points between them 10 mins left.


Rte radio gone around the country back now with 1 point between them 4 mins left.
That’s wrong misheard 4 points between them not 1 point 2:11 to 1:10


Tyrone beat Donegal by 6.

Cavan beat Down by 3 and Armagh beat Derry by 4.

All Ulster winners …


Shocking what’s the rest of the country doing!


Huge win that for Tyrone, will make their game against Kerry especially interesting, especially if we beat Kerry.


Massive game tomorrow in Newbridge.

If Mayo win I think they will be safe but lose and they will be in real trouble and will give Kildare a glimmer of hope.


Tonight there are only 2 teams safe in division 1, Dubs and Galway. Going by the results so far, Kildare are looking a cert. for the drop to be joined possibly by Donegal or mayo. mayo play donegal in round 7 which could be a relegation game. Donegal were poor tonight against tyrone and I think Kildare have at least one win in them with their remaining games mayo, Kerry and Galway tomorrow looks their best chance for that win.


How’s that attacking football working out for Donegal ? Was this on telly tonight ?


I endured it on the radio. Seems when they did try attacking they were exposed on the counter. Their keeper pulled down Tyrone lad for a penalty, which Harte took and duly missed. Mc goldrick was ref and no card given to Donegal keeper, bizarre.


I’d say Monaghan are pretty safe. Maybe not mathematically, but I have a hard time seeing them being in trouble.


Thought the Donegal keeper was poor enough, gave away the penalty and could have done better for the goals. Donegal seem to be improving in attack but definitely more porous at the back.


Yep. They looked very ropey when Tyrone ran straight at them.


It’s early days in the Bonner revolution, they will get better. The question is, have they got the talent and the tactics to surpass what Monaghan are achieving with their counter-attack, and Tyrone with their swarm, whilst playing more open football, in summer?

On the subject of styles of play, I think most teams will use swarm/sweepers til they reach a certain level, and against certain teams, as Dublin did 2010-12, and as we can still do to order depending on the situation/game. So Galway for example will keep a tight, rather defensive structure til if and when they get some more success, to build on.


Monaghan have Galway, Donegal and Dublin in last 3, can see them possibly pick up points in 2 of the games. Will Galway be as eager today, now that they have secured div.1 status, I doubt it, expect a bit of experimentation and giving some lads a run. Focus for Galway has to be champo now.