Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


One of the Galway players was interviewed after the Kerry win and said, we have secured division 1 status and will take it from here. You could read into that, that they might ease up or the pressure is off and play with more freedom who knows. Monaghan game might tell us more.
Maybe not this year but i believe Galway is the county that plays in a style most likely to compete with Dublin, though Dublin are just untouchable this year.


Galway have been training as a collective unit since last November I am told, all their players are based in and around Galway,Mayo have not even started training yet as 15/16 of their panel are based in Dublin, very difficult to compare at the moment honestly. Galway are on the rise though


Comrade Mayoman has had no problem acknowledging that we were the better team on the day and, that we deserved our wins, be they league or champo. He only has to account for himself, and his own points of view, not those of his entire county.

I find the near constant “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” coverage of Mayo (usually at the expense of fair and honest assesment of Dublins achievments) just as tedious as the next person. However, I don’t think it is fair to project my frustration at that, onto individuals who do not play a direct role in it.


It is heartbreaking to lose a final, just one, but very few teams in any sport have lost so many finals as Mayo have in recents, they have lost them in almost all the ways you possibly could, they have been hammered, beaten narrowly, lost after a replay. I personally dont care if they eventaully win one or not but I do understand that their situation when it comes to All Ireland finals is very different to any other county in the history of the game, maybe they are not good enough but love 5 this century, 3 by a point and one after a replay has to be soul destroying


I think we all know the rules you pick your best team and subs you put them on the pitch you win lose or draw and your judged on your results, if Monaghan have 25 players based in Dublin, that’s the managers territory. The discussion was about teams and their dominancy and my opinion is based on most recent results. Galway are the dominant team in Connacht . Yes their are factors and opinions and multiple excuses for or against but for me all things considered that’s where I stand.


I hope that’s not in reference to me, as it would be untrue and an unfair accusation. Furthermore for you to speak in defence of mayoman in reply to me is unwarranted and unnecessary, I never made the accusations for which your stepping forward to defend. Maybe if you find the constant bridesmaids reference tedious you might treat their supporters the same as every other counties and not rush in with 2 feet first.


But where is your view coming from that Mayo people think we are entitled? Such rubbish


First of all what is recent, secondly are you talking about Galway dominating Connaught or beating Mayo. In the same time as Dublin have won five All Irelands, Mayo have won 5 Connaught championships to Galway’s one, Mayo have beaten Galway 4 times in the Connacht championship. Galway only managed to beat Mayo twice and every year since we started winning All Irelands Mayo have progressed further in the All Ireland series and have been in Division one of the league. Not really a strong argument there to suggest Galway dominance in Connaught, I mean they didn’t even manage to win Connaught last year after beating Mayo.
That does not mean that they aren’t be ready to take over, but I think they need a bit more than 2 connaught semi final wins over Mayo to lay claim to connaught dominance


I’m getting quite used to people stepping into this thread late on and possibly not reading all the posts and then throwing out results in defence of mayo. Why ? I’m beginning to believe it’s out of sympathy for mayo or mayoman or both. Recent will be a point in time that proves my point but an unacceptable point in time to disprove my point for others.
I am talking about dominate force in Connacht.
As for all the rest you said, it’s really not relevant to the point. Please read the posts further back for clarity it’s all there .


This talk of all that matters is winning the medals is wrong in my opinion. Very few teams get to win anything. A team that comes very close on multiple occasions has absolutely achieved more than one that hasn’t. The old adage about taking part has become very mocked but a team that has gone so close so often to supposedly one of the greatest teams of all time has clearly achieved to quite a high level, just as the Dublin team of the 90s did, even if they hadn’t got over the line, just, in 95.


They have not won 1 game in 13 but look each to their own standards, fair enough.


People are responding to the dismissal of Mayo based on Galway having beaten them in two games that mattered less than the later part of the All-I championship, and doing better in the league this year.

It’s clear to most people that Mayo have done as much as mattered to that particular team in Connaught and the league, and have cut their cloth to suit their measure in terms of trying to win Sam. Now there is an argument to be made for example that they might have won Sam if they had they targetted the league a bit more but when it comes to matters of conditioning and recovery and the mental side of all the travelling their players reportedly have to do I’ll bow to those who must know what they’re talking about, the experts in that field.

It takes alot to recover from successive defeats in All-I finals (now several successive hard defeats since 2012 if you include semi-final replays) and come back, very few teams manage it. Very few teams manage to come back from wins (look at Tyrone in the 00s) to reach finals again/win again but this discussion is not about Dublin it’s about Mayo.

Look at Cork in 2011 and since, disappeared without a trace. And that was a strong squad with almost all locally based players.
Look at Mayo themselves after 2006, disappeared without a trace. But this is clearly a better Mayo team, and better prepared etc. What’s wrong with giving them due credit for it? Giving them that credit is getting mixed up now with the undoubted, and inarguable love-in they’ve had at times from the media.

Kildare lost the All-I final in 98, and a semi-final in 2000. Other than that they disappeared. Clearly Mayo have achieved more than them, even allowing for Kildare having to compete with a brilliant Meath team pre-qualifiers in 99, in 2001 (but that’s post-qualifiers), and a good Dublin team after that.


Good post.


Against a team that has beaten or at worst drawn with every other team except Donegal (in a game nearly everyone here says we threw away), and Kerry in every single game since the start of 2013. So of all those other teams in the country, Mayo have done consistently very well in almost all of the biggest games Vs Dublin. Can you not accept that? (the Kerry defeat was the width of an upright from ending in a draw, Deano didn’t quite manage what he has in several other games).

And seeing as you’ve left out 2012, it is in fact part of this era and so Mayo also have two wins against us in this era.
The point people are making as far as I understand it is that Mayo have consistently managed to perform to a high level in All-I semi-finals and finals, which no other team has done, apart obviously from Dublin, and Kerry have been close but slightly behind in that consistency, their 2014 win (where they didn’t have to play Dublin) notwithstanding.

I grant you though, Kerry won the league last year, though even Kerry fans will ll tell you they have an advantage in the league over Mayo with alot of their players not having to travel as much (and also last year not having to recover from two All-I final games (and defeat) the previous autumn.)


You also referenced galways 2 AI wins the last of which came in 01. Since then maybe 1 ai semi final appearance and last year the dominant team in connaught in your opinion got wiped out by the rossies then in the qualifiers whilst mayo made the final…I actually agree with most of your points but this one about galway being the dominant force and potentially top 2 in the country I’m afraid we differ…


When I read your post, it reads like your proving my point. mayo had all the opportunity and failed to win. It could be argued that Dublin don’t perform well in finals and are lucky that the opposition is mayo. That might be simple but it doesn’t make it less true. Alternatively it could be said Dublin don’t perform well in finals because of the opposition. Can you be dismissive of mayos ability or lack of without it being construed as anti mayo.


It’s coming up to four years now since Dublin lost a championship game. Since then, the most pessimistic I felt about Dublin’s chances in any given championship game was with 8 minutes to go in last September’s All-Ireland final when we trailed by 2 points against a team with momentum right at that point. I felt less fear at the half time point against Kerry in the 2016 semi final when five points down, for example.
This post is not aimed at you in particular, @Nappertandy - but rather it is re-stating that the team I fear most in 2018 will, once again, be Mayo, purely on how close they have been to beating us compared to anyone else since August 2014.


That’s not my argument (dismissive/anti-Mayo), and we’re getting into semantics now. Performances in individual finals are pretty irrelevant now that we have the widespread evidence of multiple major games between the teams since 2012. The evidence is pretty consistent, with a gradual improvement by Mayo since 2012, and possibly an overall improvement by Dublin since 2013.

As regards your “all the opportunity” point, I think most agree that Mayo have got the max out of their squad overall the last few years. All opinion of course.


I dismissed them last year and they went all the way to the final. I thought Kerry last year would be our big competitor but I think like me the Kerry camp had dismissed everyone else and focused on themselves and Dublin.


Galway have enough disappointment in the not too distant past, to appreciate the recent green shoots of Connacht dominance.
From 2006 to 2013, they lost an incredible ten championship games by a single point. And from 2004 to 2013, they didn’t win a single game in the qualifiers.