Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Your dead right to support your team there is a reasonable balance in most media with praise and criticism for Mayo.The exception is offtheball on newstalk they admit to being “pro Mayo” and not "anti Dub"there coverage is completely lobsided in Mayos favour its like a fanzine podcast.Its actually embarassing.On monday After AI they spoke for around 20 mins on intro of show of all reasons why Mayo lost and never actually mentioned Dublin.They are never critical of mayo in any way and always qualify any praise of Dubs with mention of the usual chesnuts money etc.It should not be permitted on a station with a national licience.They also interview a disproportionate ammount of mayo players and management compared to other counties.Recently they had Alan Dillon on with a panel of other recently retired players Alan was allowed to give not one but two party political broadcasts unchecked.I know OTB team has 3 or 4 guys from Mayo or with Mayo backgrounds but this is no excuse as RTE presenters are never biased to there own counties.I admire this Mayo team for how they have performed since 2011 but some of the media stuff around them is cringeworthy.


Did they? I was too busy in the pub celebrating to give a shite what Newstalk thinks. Still don’t.


Good for you but just cause you dont care doesnt mean it should be allowed happen.


All of the above.

Miffed? :laughing:


I know a lot of people say gaelic games are too professional now but arming the teams is a bit much don’t you think?


Your intitled to your opinion and I hold no malice. I do find, when you do not run with the unfortunate or nearly stories regarding mayo, people are very quick to take your character on here.
My opinion may be more ruthless at times, but it’s not built on anything other than enjoyment of sport.
If I took your logic and used it as a method to pick a winner, my gambling days would be short lived to put it mildly. What Dublin endured or achieve is no more transferable to mayo than it is to Wicklow, winning takes more than coincidence.
Before you accuse people of a negative trait, ask yourself can my points stand on their own merit or do I need to falsely undermine someone’s character.


I never set out to undermine your character. Some of your views? Certainly. But not your character.


And this is what you said-
“But I really believe you have an ingrained dislike for Mayo, bordering on hatred”


That’s not undermining your character. You’re entitled to like/dislike whoever you want.


Correct to like or dislike is fine, hatred is very very different.
My opinion is not based on a bordering hatred. It’s based on sporting acumen or lack of possibly. Will leave it at that.


Hey man… it’s ok to be a hater… depending on what you hate.



It’s a free world, people are allowed to voice their opinions just as others are allowed to use their judgement and ignore those opinions.

Nothing Newstalk or any media outlet says makes Mayo a better team or Dublin any worse. Which is clearly shown by the long unbeaten streak we have against Mayo despite some people’s perception of a media bias.

If someone wants to spend the day after an All-Ireland victory getting annoyed by listening to Newstalk then fire away. People should know what to expect from them.


See a couple of league stats up on twitter, yeah I know, the league doesn’t count and champo is the only show in town, Just to be clear, I’m not of that opinion and believe the league is a contest worth winning.
Here is a stat that would be cause for alarm for any team, except probably the team it applies to. After 4 league games their forwards scored 1:08 from play, they are the lowest scoring league team and only 38% of their scores come from play, I could go on but I believe there’s enough info to guess the county team . Who is it ?


Its on poscast mate i listened 2 days later.If you were still in the pub fair play to you,unfortunately for me thats not an option.As for media bias you must have missed the first line of my post.As You obviously dont listen to newstalk you dont hear their bias ,they admit to having a bias. By not listening doesnt mean they dont have a bias just you ignore it.If everyone ignored everything that was wrong we would live in a very different world.


I too would take the medals, but if either team is to have an impact on the current teams it is more likely the team of the last 10 years, Mayo have a number of players that have shown that they are good enough to get to All Ireland finals consistently and push the eventual winners all the way, Galway have no players that have shown that for the moment.


If you set the criteria to suit your answer, then yes your right. If on the other hand you want to clinically look at two teams and judge them on where their football is at now, I’m backing Galway.


You say your opinion is based on an enjoyment of sport…is that enjoyment backing a winner or watching a close excitement game that keeps you on the edge of your seat?

I may be biased but have Mayo not provided much entertainment to the Irish public over the years?

There is a widely held view that we are not good enough to win an All Ireland which in that case should we not be lauded for punching above our weight?

The second view is that we are bottlers which implies we have been good enough but have not been able to close the deal on numerous occasions?

I am not looking for you to heap praise on us and I acknowledge we will never get credit until we win al All Ireland. Moral victories are no good at this stage.

That said I don’t think Mayo deserve to be sneared at either. I’m extreamly proud of my county as I am sure you are of yours.

We crave an All Ireland and the while the last 7 years have been very enjoyable following Mayo all over the country and even to London and Nee York, the fact we have not won an All Ireland hurts.


It’ll be interesting to see how Galway fare against Dublin in Pearse Stadium. Never liked that place.It can be a woefully windswept kip. Galway have improved. Monaghan will test them. It’s all bubbling nicely.


G[quote=“mayoman, post:1060, topic:2675”]
There is a widely held view that we are not good enough to win an All Ireland which in that case should we not be lauded for punching above our weight?

Don’t understand?! Why are you punching above your weight by not being good enough? I hold the view that you are not good enough but I don’t necessarily think you are punching above your weight.


I find watching games exciting, and I enjoy games that we win more so than those we lose. I think all counties provide entertainment win, lose or draw. I hear you constantly refer to things like only want an all Ireland or victims of name calling or how hurting it is to lose. You have no monopoly on those grieviences, though playing in more high profile games and having a support base that sees winning as an entitlement would generally raise the volume and frequency.
Think of the man who for 30 or 40 years marked the pitches, fundraised, coached and mentord teams etc etc and never seen his county win a provincial or string 3 wins together but yet is positive, respectful and most certainly doesn’t see himself or his county as a victim. It’s sport respect the victors, commiserate the losers and move on.