Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Championship form, mayo played 8 games in championship 2017 they won 2 in 70 minutes, Sligo and Clare .
When you say Galway have done nothing in championship, they won 2 all irelands in last 20 years. I don’t dismiss that.


How many of those Galway players are still playing at inter-county level?
How many current Dublin players (with 3 or 4 or 5 All-Ireland medals each) were playing inter-county football back then?
How many of the current Mayo squad (2nd best team in Ireland over the last three or four years) were playing back then?
Seriously, you’ve totally undermined any reasonable argument you’ve had with those two sentences.


We’d 2 all irelands in 28 years going in '11 :neutral_face:


I think we both know he’s talking recent history…galways last ai title was 01 and when was their last appearance in the last 4? Until they win a meaningful championship game in CP I don’t understand the hoopla about them…if the roles were reversed and mayo had beaten galway last year and then be taken to the cleaners by the rossies in the connaucht final what would you think of mayo then? And as much as mayo stumbled through the qualifiers what happened to galway in the qualifiers?


i think the championship is fairly predictable anyway.

Dublin, Kerry certain provincial champions. Donegal and Mayo almost cerain.

rest of super eight? Tyrone, Galway, Kildare and Tipperary.

Semi finalists? Dublin, Kerry, Donegal, Mayo.

Finalists - (if its Len/Mun Ulst/Con semi finals) Dublin, Mayo.
(if its not) Dublin, Kerry

Winners - Dublin.


At the moment Galway look impressive after 4 league games , they could well be the fresh air the championship needs and assert themselves in top 4 or 5. But at the moment we won’t know till the summer what they will be like in the heat of battle.
With Mayo we know they are well able for the big occasion.
Galway fell away in the big game against Kerry in Championship last year.
Mayo bullied Kerry and beat them well in replay.
At the moment Mayo have more hardened and experienced players who have played in a lot of big games to dismiss them… At the moment Mayo v Galway reminds me of Kerry v Cork . When Cork won a few provincialfinals against Kerry and then lost to Kerry later in the Championship.
I suppose on recent Championship form Mayo are ahead of Galway . On current league form its Galway.


Not sure how anyone can say that with any confidence. They’re almost certain to make the semi finals of the All Ireland series but they’re notoriously slow starters in the championship and in early Championship football the last two years this Galway team have had this Mayo teams number. They weren’t fluke wins either. Galway were full value for both wins. Be interested to see what way the bookies price this up but I’ll have to see a serious up turn in Mayos performances for the remainder of the league before I’d even consider backing them to beat Galway in May.


League & championship are a different beast though . We won’t know where Galway are at til the summer .


im basing it on mayo doing everything to avoid the backdoor - which amounts to winning against Galway.

What Mayo did last year I dont believe they can do again with the super 8’s in the fixture list. They will be thinking that after ten games they only lost to us by one point in a game where we achived the highest score conversion rate seen in in a final to beat them.

In terms of championship form, Galway would have got the same roscommon got from Mayo in a QF/SF last year, so I’m not that confident on the Galway front.


To base it on that you would have to be assuming that Mayo didn’t win on purpose and wanted to go the backdoor route. Mayo lost to Galway and struggled to beat Clare, Derry, Cork and Roscommon cause they’re not capable of hitting the ground running. For a variety of reasons they need to build up to big performances in Croke Park. I don’t think they’ll be anywhere near their best in May and they’re going to need to be because Galway are good.


yes, i agree with that about last year, which i think is why they will go heall for lether to avpid it this year.

there are no club releases from the team in april, they told the GAA to stuff their club only rule. they are doing a warm weather camp thing off foreign and then a week on tactics, so they are treating this game very seriously.

of course, that may mean that they fail to treat roscommon seriously and end up in the backdoor anyway…


I think the best preparation is trying out and perfecting systems against good opposition in competitive games. Best place to that is in Division One. Galway at the minute seem to be further along the road than Mayo and no amount of warm weather training or challenge games is going to compensate for the real deal. I really think Mayo missed a trick in not taking the league seriously again and are going to be caught cold in May


But look at Mayo now - and it’s March. They can’t just turn it on and off like that. Given Galway’s league performances thus far as against Mayo’s they have to be hot favs. The game is just ten weeks away - Mayo would have to put an amount of work in and that could militate against them later. I know they have been slow burners in recent years but it hasn’t worked for them and it’s even harder to see it working this year.


Exactly how I see it


Also either of Donegal/Cavan and Tyrone/Monaghan will be in the back door early


Just seen there that Paddy Power has Mayo at 8/15 and Galway at 15/8. I think there’s serious value in Galway there


Can I pose the question,in sport is it about winning or is it the taking part ?
Some might say both. For me you compete to win.
To stay in division 1 is an achievement in itself but unless you win it, your not the winner. That’s obvious i would think.
If your comparing teams, it’s nice to have a record of being competitive and nearly winning to back you up, and while that can be an inductor of sorts there is a but, and it’s a very big but, unless you win the competition, unless you get over the final line in front, your not the winner.
Common on here is quoting 1 point loses or being close, in my opinion it’s wins in 70 mins, consistently and in competition.
So while Galway are a rising team and there is no doubt they have a lot to prove, the potential is there for them.
It was said Galway has done nothing in championship, I ask is it about winning or participating and if it’s about winning they have done something. Feel free to dismiss winning two All Irelands in the last 20 years but are you saying by being competitive the last 10 you have done more. I will take the medals .


The All-Ireland wins of 1998 and 2001 had nothing to do with Galway beating Mayo in the last two championships.
In those last 20 years, Dublin have had five All-Ireland titles. Kerry have had six. By your logic, we shouldn’t bother (or have bothered in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016) turning up to play Kerry, due to their tradition.


Listen if your looking in the mirror and typing there is not much use posting it as a reply to me, both times you have tried to reply you made statements in response to me i never made.
When you say Galways all Ireland wins (98,2001) have nothing to do with Galway beating mayo in champo last 2 years . I would say walsh being a player then and manager now would be a factor.
As for my logic, no your way off the mark.


I am absolutely not off the mark. In 2011 we were the team that couldn’t get over the winning line, just like Mayo are now. But we did get over the line in the end. Mayo have been closer over the last three years than Dublin were at any stage in the 15 years prior to 2011. So there’s the logic.

Look, I like a lot of what you post and I genuinely admire your passion fro Dublin GAA. But I really believe you have an ingrained dislike for Mayo, bordering on hatred - possibly all based on the championship games between Dublin and Mayo going back to 2012, possibly 2006 and Hill 16 gate, etc. I know you will refute that, but that’s my opinion.